yan xi ashes of love

It sounds exciting! I watch this Drama non stop except for sleep from the beginning to the end. It follows a sweet, yet tragic love-story that will have to go through the trials of life and death in order to be purified. While the main characters are very well written, some secondary characters felt two-dimensional. In Chinese folklore, a love trial is a heartbreaking and tragic love-story and is considered the most appropriate and painful path to purify oneself from past sins. The action takes place in the prehistorical era, in a time when the six realms were reigning independently in harmony. I gave it a try again with two other dramas, but I had a similar experience; thus I became reluctant in checking out other Chinese dramas. The kissing scenes were unprecedented and raw something I have never experienced in most dramas I watched. She is singing the ending theme “Upwards to the Moon”, which is my favorite track of this drama (link above). I recommend it wholeheartedly. Jin Mi’s arch story follows the coming-of-age pattern. It could have had less episodes, but don’t let that deter you. I fell in love with the character development. He is a valiant warrior and one of the most powerful beings in the realm, despite his young age. The magic pill has the power to keep her daughter, Jin Mi, from experiencing anything beyond friendship, in an attempt to cheat Fate. The story line was slow in building as characters were developed and revealed. It is a journey in love and discovery and the the harm that comes when we follow a single minded intent, good or bad, to its conclusion. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. I fell in love with Fire deity or maybe Deng Lun. Since then I have been in a Chinese-drama-hunting mode. He is very close to Fire Immortal. I never felt bored. Let there be season two with the same characters Jin Mi and Xufeng, I respected your opinion but for me although Ashes of Love was pretty good but i disagree when u said it surpassed the Ten miles of Peach Blossom aka Eternal love because for me Eternal Love still is far fetched must watch for it has a good storyline and the acting skills of the cast were bombastic.., although in this drama hat’s off to Lou Yunxi for he showed his acting prowess,for me he was outstanding and he overshadowed the main leads Fire Immortal is, without a doubt, the most positive character in this drama. I know that I was . But even In This, it seems that the Characters are now a part of me. The Celestial Realm and the Demon Realms do not have a good versus evil connotation.

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