will hero best weapon

NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. ), Friends (Your ability to make friends is reflected in your weapon's design. ), Time (The time you have spent with your weapon has affected its physical make up. Nah, they're just shitters that need crutches. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Certain morphs will share the same requirement or description. Oh man though can you imagine how braindead Guld Milla would be for Hero if it had Massive Hunter. But at least for a midgame hero, 2h came on top. The difference here is that, unlike Chainsawd/Guld Milla, the Fornis weapons have good stats (higher than Union) and great multipliers (14% from potential + 2% from phrase weak when that is active), though they only work against 2-3 elements (depending on the weapon's base element). Gix and BQ weapon is very close to each other in damage and people say that Gix sucks, so why should I get the BQ weapons? We're including the base game and the DLC expansion. I did a dummy test with my hero using both clean fafnir weapons 1h and 2h. Is this a new trend. You only have to conduct the actions required for the morph once; however, the more you conduct an action required for a morph the greater the chance there is for that morph to appear. Earn a large amount of gold from jobs. Brave Bow: Again I'm no hero main, nor will I pretend to be one, but the information when put under scrutiny and actually put through all the formulas holds up to what is written. Eagle and wing motif blade (sword); an eagle perched upon the shaft (hammer). (Secondary colour: black), Marry another Hero via Xbox LIVE or Co-op. (Secondary colour: gold), Make 20 villagers fear you. That being said, I personally use a Fornis TMG so take that with a grain of salt. swiki comments suggest that the potentials for Everida is Damage Increase (6-7-8%, each level respectively) plus 1-2-3 PP for every enemy killed. But when it comes to bossing and with the lack of other damage upgrades (scrolling, bpot, etc) you'll have a pretty generic answer of 2H being superior for that. Open chests, locate dig and dive spots. Axes will always be better than swords due to the basic principle of 5% damage bonus for them, but play the game how you want. Each requirement will have which weapon can receive it. If you can benefit from the potential, they're very worth it, especially considering how fast Hero hits to get around the 50 heal cap. I really don't see the point of Chainsawd/GM/Fornis for most scenarios since getting the extra damage from dodging an attack is a DPS boost in most cases. ), Treasure Hunting (Your treasure-hunting abilities have transformed the design of your weapon.). I am in late game 90 plus level all my team and I am fighting late game bosses. Unlike the hilts, colours, and auras, each body morph group can be only attributed to some of the weapons. Press J to jump to the feed. When you open a weapon level chest, your weapon will morph and change based upon a percentage value from your prior actions. I saw some ppl doing the calculus and at the end 2h got on top, but also most endgame heroes uses 1h.

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