spar urethane vs polycrylic

Polyurethane is a protective finish that is available in both oil based and water based forms. Water based polyurethane is famous for being low odor and low toxic. It is transparent as compared to the oil based version which has a slight color. Oil based polyurethane holds up really well to extreme heat and water, making it perfect for outdoors and flooring. Consider oil-based polyurethane, 3. When you apply polyurethane (especially oil-based), you need to wear a respitory mask. It is made from the dried secretions of the female Lac beetle. This holds true for the other gloss types you can select as the base of your polyurethane. It does not stand up well to extreme heat or water, it has a runny consistency, so you need to use it indoors only. Usually high traffic pieces like kitchen table would be better finished off with polyurethane while a white lamp in the master bedroom should be done with polycrylic. We seem to get milky rings underneath a wet glass. Knowing the difference between polycrylic vs polyurethane can help you create a woodworking piece that looks its best and stands up to the demands placed upon it. With a satin vs semi gloss polyurethane, there is no difference in the protective qualities of the coat, only in the gloss level with semi-gloss providing more shine. Shellac is not as durable as polyurethane. Thanks! You may also think of polyurethane as urethane, but they are actually two different components. You can’t buy a oil polycrylic. Water based polyurethane is less toxic but also less durable, especially against extreme heat. Get your answers by asking now. My dad made rocking chairs and other furniture to sell all over the mid west. Urethane based on water is a lot less dangerous, and polycrylic has hardly any of the VOC toxins mentioned. You have to watch how much of the polycrylic coat you are applying as polycrylic can produce a white appearance if it is not applied evenly and polycrylic has a runny consistency. The water based version also dries much faster. An expert at home repair, remodel, and DIY projects for nearly 40 years. And, while it takes a long time to dry than polycrylic, it doesn’t need a long time to cure. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Due to its runny consistency, you will have to apply very thin coats on vertical surfaces and watch closely for drips. Polycrylic is available in satin finish and high gloss finish. Use undiluted varnish to do the second and third coat and let dry for 24 hours, Once the surface is completely dried, cut away any drips with a razor evenly. It evens out any brush strokes and bubbles disappear. Both water polyurethane and polycrylic dry clear. Does it need to dry quickly? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. While polycrylic and polyurethane are a protective wood clear finish that applies a sheen, they don’t have a whole lot else in common. Last update on 2020-11-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The reason being that polyurethane is highly flammable and toxic. Polycrylic provides good protection on a variety of wood vertical surfaces that will be used indoors. You will want to use polyurethane on surfaces that have high impact or high traffic. However, the local agent in Singapore does not have the inventory of this and recommends water based polycrylic instead. Use oil-based poly on heavily used surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Some areas you are coating may dry faster than others, creating an uneven appearance. It is completely clear and does not have a yellow tint like oil based polyurethane. Brush the final coat within 48 hours of previous coatings. You have many options when it comes to selecting a polyurethane finish including satin, semi gloss, or glossy. Will it be exposed to water? No matter what type of finish you select for your poly, you’ll find that it is can withstand quite a bit of wear without a diminished appearance. What is the difference, and when would I use them? So it is best used when you don’t want a yellowish colored layer over your furniture and more so over light colored paint. May 9, 2020 September 17, 2015 by Jake Roberts. They both have different compound makeups. Polycrylic is really quite versatile. This polycrylic vs polyurethane review will help you understand the differences in the two coatings and help you decide which is best for the application of your wood project. It offers protection of wood along with faster drying times. It creates a longer lasting seal that can withstand water and the sun. And then it can be used as a finish. It comes in 2 varieties - glossy and satin finish. Both are equally durable and will provide the same level of protection on your wood surfaces. You have to be able to apply the sealant quickly, because it dries so fast. It is harder to clean up because of its oil-based makeup. Those must be suspended evenly in the product when is is used. The only thing to be mindful of is how you apply it – because it will probably be indoors, take care of the toxins that this type of finish puts off (and the poor ventilation you’ll probably have inside). It is better than polycrylic for outdoors​. Kitchen tables and wooden flooring are good candidates for oil based polyurethane. ​Dining room tables, kitchen tables countertops, and anything outdoors… you’ll want the stronger sealant for kitchen tables and these other surfaces. Both products provide a protective barrier with varying degrees of protection. I am recommended to use a water based polyurethane to transfer a laser printed poster onto a wood. ​Water based polyurethane is ​much lower in toxicity than its oil-based counterpart, and produces significantly less odor.

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