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Disjoint is a villain trying to get a leg up. )[7], Can displace[1] and teleport parts of his anatomy around a given area. Splatoon is regionalised depending on if you are in the EU (Europe), NA (North America) or JP (Japan). Enemies Nuisance [1], Although he refused to join a side in the conflict,[1] DJ was capable of working with either faction if it suited his interests. Finn demanded DJ give the pendant back, noting it meant a lot to her. This article is missing key information. They are in a committed and loving relationship,[3] somehow.[4]. His coat had been removed by Spright and Shortcut before we’d come, and it had the same lines painted on the sleeves. Assaulted the Fallen compound along with the other Hollow Point villains. Sheldon Request As it happened, they were there to warn DJ and interrogate him about Denel Strench, who they believed was after him due to a series of events that began with the detectives hunting down the arms dealer Flestic Crupp. He then departed from the Supremacy with his reward, leaving his one time allies to be executed on Phasma's orders. One has tasted bitter defeat in battle. "There was no long-term, and trying to cling to one would only spoil it all.". [1] He regarded neither side as good or evil,[2] believing that both factions were part of a system built on greed and corruption. DJ is a Gamepass that can allow you to play music at your house, using a radio, jukebox, or DJ table. In the JP and EU versions of the boss fight, the dialogue is more straightforward, whereas the NA version contains a number of puns and music-related insults, making the NA version dialogue seem quirky and less serious. As BB-8 shot several coins at the cop, DJ knocked him out. However, the droid's pestering was culled by Oosha Choi and Pol Ipol, a pair of Canto Bight Police Department detectives known as honest cops, and as such derided by DJ as suckers. In this form his tentacles hung out the kabuto, resembling his cephalopod form's tentacles. (Maybe to indicate where his limbs can displace? Octo Form Skin color His wasabi sticks and DJ table are seen in the secret boss stage in Octo Expansion. [2], As they made their escape, DJ turned a corner and saw BB-8 seemingly take down a few cops. Enter the Octobot King, DJ Octavio feat. Disjoint is black, and changes his mask sometimes. Love Lost's gangBeast of Burden's gang They are in a committed and loving relationship, somehow. The man known only as "DJ", a nickname that was actually an acronym for his personal motto "Don't Join", lived during the era of the New Republic both as a thief and as a slicer. Hookline joined Damsel of Distress' Deathchester alongside Sidepiece. Instead, new dialogue will be used, mainly to re-establish the cutscenes as taking place after the game has in fact been beaten. Our first official SIDEPIECE remix is out now on Defected Records / Three Six Zero for the young legend John Summit [16][17], “The end of the world never stopped,” Damsel said. "DJ," shortened form of "Don't Join," was the alias of a human male slicer who resided in the galaxy during the war between the Resistance and the First Order. DJ escaped from the Canto Bight prison after offering his service as a codebreaker to Finn and Tico. Disjoint [3], Shortly after the Hosnian Cataclysm[3] in 34 ABY,[5] DJ patronized the Coruscant Hotel and Casino, where he hit the gaming tables for Eclipse—a holographic card game—with a large sum of stolen money with the intention of stealing even more money by rigging an Eclipse table with virused cash. The prisoners were taken to the main hangar, where DJ revealed to Finn and Tico that he had traded information about the Resistance—including their plan to escape to the planet Crait—to General Armitage Hux in exchange for his freedom and a large sum of money.

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