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Perfect for beginner and intermediate level. When I tried canceling THE SAME DAY an automated voice system said my student number does not exist and the call ends. And as I had to provide my contact number, they have been calling me and emailing me with discounted memberships etc which I completely ignored. I have e rang, emailed all day with no response. After studying 3 months I prepared for final assignment and completed the exam and again paid for hard copy diploma. If you have a complaint, please use the form below. to view it. I hope you will consider getting in touch with me personally so we can find a way to make this right. They charged my card twice when I asked for a refund for the one charge they told me that it was my fault, and that their systems are efficient and that they were not in breach of any terms and conditions. So I made the mistake of buying a few group on courses with full trust and expectation that I will be getting what I was advertised “diploma in leadership and management” for 97% off “from $395 down to $9.95” YAY GREAT CATCH !! I signed up for a free four week trial with them and later on discovered that they are a complete fraud! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Besides this, the e-copy of the certificate is not a proper size and with good resolution for printing. He told me to wait another 4 to 8 weeks and keep insisting they have sent something before. Pathetic just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The amount of advertising and selling is ludicrous, but when you need assistance they are no where to be found. They are not responding to emails and I cannot get through their contact number. Blocking their number does not help as they are changing numbers. I try to cancel my membership and it said I need to call the number 1300 836 038 Mon-Fri from 9am – 5pm. Get the facts about what a healthy diet and lifestyle involves. I tweeted back to say I wouldn’t bother, since he hadn’t even replied to any of my emails. Smith says: “What came out of these simple requests was a week of torture.” He disputed the payment with PayPal, prompting a “long back and forth”, but a few days later was told he had been refunded the ?39.95. I beg anyone considering Shaw academy DO NOT DO IT, not even a trial, this whole thing is a big scam, SCAM!! Hi I have done a few courses here on shawacademy a few years back and obtained the pdf certificates but only managed to afford a few hard copies at that time and were posted and received. So I signed up when they advertised the 4 weeks free. Even emailed the ‘Paul’ guy that has responded above and still no response. Having completed a number of courses in Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Social Media, I am currently taking the Viral Marketing course. Feeling like I was scammed paying $125 for a lifetime membership. It doesn’t matter if you say “bad” as you still won’t get a response!!! Shaw Academy is a complete SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to mention, not only does Shaw overpromise on what their courses have to offer, my 1st week course cut short so I didn’t even get the full lesson. Hope this helps. HOWEVER when i was considering purchasing the course i noticed that Shaw academy was advertising the costs as a LIFETIME membership. I was proud of the achievement when I was done. I will try to call Dublin and at the same time send a letter to Dublin address, I don’t want to but in order to activate next step (online dispute resolution @ European Consumer Centre I need to show I’ve tried everything else. So I went back into my account to obtain the hard copies from the courses I hadnt obtained. They randomly took money from my account. I am only a hobbyist photographer so I did not feel the need to continue paying them for further education where I can just watch YouTube videos for free. All you get is an automated response from a bot that has nothing to do with your question. What disappoints me is the fact that lesson 5 and 6 of the Social media course was spent upselling. I ddnt authorize any transaction. Shaw Academy has taken advantage of me during the pandemic offering 4 weeks for free for an online course. they could at least try to hide it. Hi Holly, thanks for sticking up for us! Do not, I repeat, do not, trust this company! Upon registration, they already requested the credit card information though they promise no charge will be made if cancelled within 4 weeks, which is what I’m intended to do. !been trying to ring the number they provided for cancellation but goes to voicemail every time, and there is no option to cancel online..asked my credit card company to block them! Yesterday I was charged by SA straight after I had signed up for 4 week trial, both for the allegedly ‘free trial’ and the course material which I did not buy. Hi P, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and that you haven’t received the course that you wanted. – Does that mean it’s safe to assume I’m not roped in to a subscription? A phone call they SAID was recorded, in which I specifically said not to enrol me. Your query has been received and has been given the unique ID number. I registered for Shaw Academy Lifetime Membership plus and paid the amount to shaw academy via my credit card. The next phase; contact Paypal to reverse all my payments to Shaw Academy. I don’t know how these guys are EQF (European Qualifications Framework) accredited. I might as well attempt to travel to Mars; that might be easier. Join over 11,000,000 successful graduates and take our free 28 day trial today But on the night of registering for the trial, I was charged $40 to a tool kit that I was never agreed to. Nada, zilch, nothing appeared. it’s almost like the teacher forgot that she was teaching us marketing and started to market directly to us. From the beginning the school harassed me sending either emails, SMS or even calling me every day. FINALLY – my replay course mentions .zip files i can download with boilerplate html code for class assignments/practice work. I have been in contact with their customer service via email for weeks now trying to urgently get an second hard copy of my certificate for immigration purposes. Who do I go to, to complain about them and get my money back?? I tweeted them, telling them that this qualification is useless if the level is not stated on the certificate. Work overseas is being delayed due to their poor customer service, mixed messages between different staff members, and apparent incompetence. Full screen mode now available to watch your classes. If you have any question that is not answered by the bot, please send it to the course educator and you can expect an answer within 24 hours.”. I’ve enrolled in several courses via Deal Zippy UK. I lost my job in the lockdown – thought this was my answer, only to end up being a victim of fraud. I can assure you that our Web Design course is legitimate and amazing! I’m mad at T-Mobile for giving me a “deal” on this worthless scam. they seem to be very good at SOE to rank high on google with all the fake happy costumers and fake reviews. After that when I tried to access a course , it still showed my status as ‘Free Trial member ship type’ and didn’t upgraded my status to Lifetime memeber due to which I am unable to access courses. I was able to understand and use my entry level DSLR camera. Unfortunately, I was not an exception. I am dreading more issues! However if you still have any questions or have experienced any new issues, please feel free to get in touch with me directly at “”. But really felt pressurised to do that and changed my mind literally within hours. Your email address will not be published. Signed up for a course, emailing them with no response. Alarm bells ringing! You may end up with a “Diploma” but if you want true quality education go elsewhere – maybe watch the lectures that many established top universities now offer online for free. Shaw Academy is an online learning platform offering online courses taught by expert instructors. You can access the toolkit resources under the “Resources” tab and the “E-certificate” under the “Assignments” tab by completing the final exam on your course page. My direct email address is “”. Is Shawacademy a credible institution or it is a sham? YOU WILL BE SORRY! Hope to hear from you soon! I am in Australia. This lesson shows you how to create various social media pages and gives a simple breakdown of SEO and how Google My Business pages assist this. The discounted lifetime options are great value, but I just can’t afford it right now. Hi Emma, my apologies that you weren’t able to access the Excel course that you paid for, and were unable to reach someone for help at the time. We pride ourselves on being the world’s largest live educator as we teach thousands of students every month. Hi Betty, I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to reach our Customer Support Team as we usually respond to any query within 24 hours. if that is the case, go back the next day and watch the “recorded” video and you will see the entire presentation. Finally the laptop was successfull. SPEAKING OF it being replayed — my instructor is not even at shaw any longer. I never authorized payments from my Paypal account or no other account! This is definitely not how we want to have our Lifetime Members feel! It seems I paid for the free introductory part. This is a scam company!! I rang the London number which had called me and the robot said to put any enquiries in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asked numerous times for them to stop sending me phone messages and emails. Before any marketing campaign or tactic can be launched, tracking needs to be in place, so you’ll get an introduction to the incredible tool that is Google Analytics as well as learn about UTMs . Udemy – 100,000's Of Courses The thing is didnt agree for a membership neither did I agree for an enrolment in a course. William Eaves who apparently gave the photographic course even phoned me to ask for my credit card details. Then they said that they don’t send hard copies even though I sent them a picture of the hard copy another staff member there sent me. I also sent them an email through the PayPall, to which I haven’t received any response yet. So I contacted the customer services again and everything else I got was auto replies with only one that says they are unable to process a refund, but they could provide another period of free course. my virus protection kicks it out as a threat? Reviews There are no reviews yet. It was interesting to receive a link to this page after I had recommended Shaw Academy to a friend.

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