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regents park bruno major piano sheet music

I very quickly got a publishing deal, and I was gonna be a songwriter – and I was a songwriter for two years. When Major pitched up in LA again, Finneas reached out and asked if he wanted to hang out. It was, too, the idea roared: by word-of-mouth and share-of-playlist, Major’s music went everywhere. It takes an imaginative leap in ‘Regents Park’, which elegantly evokes a song from the golden age of cinema with good reason: Major sampled the piano from the beginning of 101 Dalmatians. “I think it was being surrounded by Shakespeare’s words that unblocked me. And it took him round the world: as well as supporting his friend Sam Smith on a UK arena run, Major’s has toured all over the world, his international footprint wide and far-reaching. All of which is gloriously woven together on To Let A Good Thing Die, a 10-song collection that beautifully encapsulates Major’s devastating way with a wee-hours, big-emotion moment. Photos are for editorial use only. I started writing again, went back to LA, and took some DMT.” One plant-based hallucinogenic trip later, “it gave me faith again in myself as a person, and a songwriter. It’s a personal catharsis.”, RT @KUTX: Need some new music to tide you over while you wait in polling lines? 39 views • 8 weeks ago. Major knew the chords, the scales, the songbook, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, “all the guys who wrote the big showtunes”. There’s another inspired backwards nod in the skeletal, leaned-in cover of Randy Newman’s stop-you-in-your-tracks ‘She Chose Me’. The album is a follow-up to 2017’s year-in-the-making A Song For Every Moon – a vaultingly ambitious and beautifully realised concept album of sorts which began with the Englishman releasing one song over the monthly course of the waxing and waning of our nearest planetary body. Which I didn’t believe would ever happen. Bruno Major & George Bruns - Regent's Park by Marvella Fidelia. Click on photo to download high resolution versionAll rights reserved. It begins with a sleepy lovenote from his ex-girlfriend on ‘Old Soul’, a reflection on the period of transience and lethargy which often emerges after a relationship has ended, and the acceptance of one's new reality sets in. To date, A Song For Every Moon’s 12 tracks have been streamed over 400 million times. But that’s a ways away. “Ultimately, all I care about is this album being 50 minutes of music which people can hear from start to finish and feel that it’s honest and warm, and that it’s true to its aims and ambition. I couldn’t release anything, so I got a job writing music for a theatre company in Windsor for Shakespeare plays.”. “This album is an extension of the first album. That songwriting could be intelligent, and that you could implement jazz harmony into a classic song structure. We made a step-by-step video to show you everything you need to kn…. Bruno Major - The Most Beautiful Thing (Lyric & Chord Video), Bruno Major - Tapestry (Lyric & Chord Video), Bruno Major - Nothing (Lyric & Chord Video), Bruno Major - Old Fashioned (Official Audio), Bruno Major - Cold Blood | Majestic Sessions @ Red Bull Studios Berlin, Bruno Major - “Just The Same” | Live From The Rooftop, Bruno Major Interview | How I'm Here | Episode 3. Major has been doing this – dreaming of this – since childhood. Shakespeare. “He lent me some money and said I could pay him back from the profits. Now it felt like my pipe dreams – kid from Northampton getting a deal and releasing music – was doable", With a successful, wholly independent release under his belt, and buoyed by a blossoming international fanbase, Major began touring in January 2018 and has barely stopped since, he’s sold over 50,000 tickets across Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America. Classic jazz. © 2020 Shore Fire Media. The reason I call it To Let A Good Thing Die is because it’s a closing of a chapter in my creative journey. Bruno Major is too down-to-earth and humble to make any such grand proclamations. SKU: MN0083532 Yes No. Pongo from 101 Dalmations. But then I got a record deal with Virgin.”, He relocated to Los Angeles and spent a giddy eight months making an album with a bunch of “crazy cats: Pino Palladino on bass, Jason Rebello on keys, Ethan Johns producing. I had no budget for that, so one microphone in my kitchen was all I could afford. It’s accepting the ephemeral nature of life, the fleetingness of existence.”. Luckily, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune proved a godsend. 신상우 - 하나님의 은혜 (The Grace of God) (Piano Sheet) by mini Music. But it worked out. It’s tangentially about my relationship at the time with a similar girl.”. Learn how to play exactly like Bruno Major. All Rights Reserved. Crafting a minimal, modernist style drawing on a love for, and understanding of, the Great American Songbook, he started putting his songs on Soundcloud. Finneas O’Connell got to know Major’s music after his sister posted another A Song For Every Moon track, ‘Places We Won't Walk’, online. So I’d do seven hours a day, bunk off lessons, hide in the music block, play guitar, play piano. “Originally I wanted to be the best guitar player in the world. He spent the first three months of the year back in LA. The lunar cycle. Sam Smith. Billie Eilish. “So I’ve written lyrics to that which are basically a realistic ending to 101 Dalmatians, where Anita turns out to be a heartbreaker who fucks Roger over and takes him back to the park and breaks up with him. “Then I moved to London with the intention of playing with Elton John or Tom Waits or Stevie Wonder – a proper legacy artist.”. Different voicing of chords. I helped him finish it, then wrote the piano part. Fin sent me a poem after he’d broken up with his girlfriend with the title To Let A Good Thing Die. “I came up with the main drum beat on an actual drum kit, which was a first for me. All. 37,366 views, added to favorites 905 times. It ties back into the idea of the closing of the chapter, and to that emotional journey of a relationship. It’s a new feeling for me, and I adore it.”. “It’s all very low-key – just one microphone. The rippling, acoustic guitar-led ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Older’, also written on that trip, was another. The next album will be a new line on my typewriter.”. Add @shungudzo's #SongOfTheDay to your Election Day playlis…, RT @nytimesarts: Prince, Jane Fonda, “Cinema Paradiso” and more: Kylie Minogue runs down her list of cultural must-haves…, RT @iVotedFestival: Wondering how to navigate #iVoted ? We wrote a few songs, and hopefully we’ll write more, but ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ is the one that stood out.”. Spring 2018 was when he hit some of the UKs biggest indoor venues with old friend Sam Smith. I wasn’t about to go into Abbey Road and score some bagpipe solos!”. English. The track, a hazy, gauzy love-note, became a cornerstone song of the album to come. “I didn’t have anyone to sing them, so I sung them myself. To Let A Good Thing Die is also the narrative of the ups and downs of a relationship.

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