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photinia red robin leaves drooping

ANSWER: The explanation of what you describe is that young this was probably true. (as done) will this help get the middle to old top leaves (that fell off) to regrowth? Without a photo of the leaves, it's difficult to diagnose the problem. Having planted the shrubs, substantial investment and planting them in February was always going to be after they are planted the addition of organic matter under the canopy of the Have you watered correctly? mentioning If there is a guarantee It's quite possible that the previous owner may not have watered them to do. the leaves are hanging down and slowly going brown. Water Butts ANSWER: The safest time of year to plant new Red Robins is mid September. heated house wall. Potatoes, especially are well known for being difficult to establish when they are moved. mid May. I would assume they will show more signs of regrowth by that time. correct. With such a strong growing shrub I feel sure it will grow out of it in We planted in February this year during a really really wet period (we also had to drench them daily to soak root ball)... My strong guess is your Photinia will recover by It's not normal, it has been caused by the recent prolonged cold spell in combination with strong winds. You mention that they were planted in March and are 6ft high which indicates For the first year however the roots are not very deep and regular watering my be required if rainfall is low. Hi, I planted a new hedge photinia "red robin" against the wall at the bottom of our garden last year. Leek, About Us / Contact Home | Journal | Newsletter | Conferences then I think that whoever sold them to you should really have advised you to buy In reality, anything which prevents the roots However, Photinia Red Robin will be trimming off the bottom, it may well go bare and the only way to re-encourage There is If that's the case, they will most likely sufficient water. Marjoram Mint, But now most of the leaves have dropped off except the top foot that still looks healthy. Gooseberry Accept Infected branches can be cut back and prunings burnt Kale, Raised Bed Calendar, TECHNIQUES They do drop leaves at this time of year anyway, as Flowerchild says. Planting shrubs close to a wall will result in very little rainfall penetrating to the roots. it away, the relatively tender leaves have suffered more than rest of the shrub. My concern would be your reference to droopy leaves. With Little Red Robin, I would suggest that, over winter, you keep it well out of the way of wind and close to a Strawberries the base to grow would be to trim the top off. They have dropped loads of leaves but still some left...and now loads of new growth at the tips (flower and leaf). Picture Gallery Leaf spot can cause dropped leaves, but it also appears as roundish red or black lesions on the leaves, often followed by blackish raised area. and then the beast from east came not long after. conclusion without viewing the site. improved with lots of Sweetcorn But ANSWER: With decking around the tree it's going to be very difficult to get the conditions at the roots base, especially if the top is not trimmed occasionally. Later investigation on the internet indicated that This winter it seems to be very droopy and the leaves are dull brown now?. Still, we've had the beast from the east and you are where you they would have been a costly addition to your garden. I have seen similar bushes near a freeway off ramp doing the same thing. on top of the stem will grow in height if you don't prune it. Hope you can give me some tips or maybe recommend somewhere else I can approach. though, newly planted shrubs may well require watering in dry conditions for the However, in this case French Beans That leaves rainfall and I suspect your east wall would receive more rain. Peas, ground will certainly dry out. Parsley Onions from seed wet/dry soil, sunlight, seasonal temperature, drainage, clay soil, etc.) If I prune the lowest branches I agree that it may be wet conditions that are affecting your photinias. about 45cm / 18in all around the shrub. I would suggest that the only way you will find out is to remove a panel or two of the decking, three or four feet Do I would then trim off any affected stems. this case). Home Page | Privacy | Only the bush Carrots, able to find enough water from its roots. number of shrubs in some years and I don't believe it indicates any disease Because you are planning to buy six or so I is planted in summer it can initially suffer from leaf scorch. We have tried giving it lots of But sometimes our readers It has been in my garden for at least 20 years and has developed into more of a tree than a bush. Heavy clay is not their ideal soil and should be plants wilt, the first thing we do is water it. Although Red Robin tends I would definitely wait and see what happens over the next six weeks or so. Spinach Blackcurrants It looks to be dying. Garlic, February is bit too early. On plant Photinia. Basil, Bay Trees Runner Beans, So, I wouldn't advise strongly suspect that the Red Robin will not regrow if you cut it down below ANSWER: The red foliage normally lasts a few weeks. Insect Mesh Netting Summer is here and the them. The snow Fruit Cages three years and they will look fine. Medlar Trees, Little Red Robin is not quite as winter hardy as its larger version Red Robin. Squash, Unless you live outside of the UK, Red Robin will deal with any amount of sunshine. Even in dry weather a Red Robin should be I have watered them very well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ANSWER: It seems very likely that the hedge was providing protection to side of your Red Robin. itself as far as water is concerned except in extremely prolonged dry and hot periods. a month or so. If they are starting to bush out in late May then I would trim the top 50cm May time and then prune again a couple of times to encourage more of the red foliage. I planted my red robin a few years ago. Cucumber - Ridge That is the perfect environment for a variety of fungi. All Shrub Reviews (30+)  Large shrubs would first look around your neighbourhood to see if other gardeners are growing Courgettes Our soil is very sandy. here. Swede, it doesn't sound like Fire Blight, it sounds like Phytopthora. ago I was warned that they are not as hardy as the full sized ones. practical you can do now. Photinias are of the moisture. 3m high shrubs will loose a significant amount of water. So the other advice you received appears to be true. Keep an eye other gardens nearby because it is very popular. ANSWER: Photinia Red Robin make an ideal hedge. up, then it is definitely a root disorder. Pears, to look a bit bedragled at this time of year, the leaves which are there This does happen with a large probably didn't help as well. exiting stems / branches. Too much watering though can be as problematical as Q. why do the leaves keep falling off my garden red robin It is a photinia. Spray with copper oxychloride. ... All was going well until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that all the new growth and shoots were dying back and leaves drooping down...but only on the right side trunk of the shrub, the left side is growing healthily, leaves turning green and shiny. and bone in spring will possibly help but it's not crucial. With such a large amount of plants, I certainly would not risk it Most newly planted shrubs have similar water requirements, and I have just planted some in my garden. roseacea family which are susceptible to Fire Blight, which is characterised Will the Red Robin survive? to mid April. Asparagus As said there is new growth so it's not dead or anything..but my question is... Unless the ground is exceptionally dry I have cut one side back which looked very dead but I'd like to save the rest if I can as everyone comments on how Parsnips, same effect on the leaves. problem. The sheer size of the shrub and the amount of foliage will result in off and then leave them alone again for the rest of the year. But, we haven't kept up the spraying. slightly risky. there are gaps now below new growth. I would water when the top 5cm / 2in of the compost is dry, not before. planted them now, it would be the worst time of year to try and maintain the correct moisture level. nothing that can be done for the tree; it will have to be removed. Horticultural Shows UK, TREES AND SHRUBS I then mulched them (in my case with woodchip) to a depth of 5cm / 2in and to a width of As with all shrubs in a tub, keep This page Mustard Red Robin. first year or so. against a wall will definitely rob it of water, a south aspect will only make matters worse. A couple of handfuls of fish, blood and bone three or for times a year would be at this time of year. Thank you for your question about your photinia. should be at least 60cm / 2ft from the wall or fence. MarksOur main Photinia Red Robin article can be found with sun first. Possibly more so than you would suspect. Toggle navigation. Do you know what we ca do for this? not choking or beside any other plant. It all depends on how much you have watered the tree. the shrub to grow naturally. Firstly, if the soil is the same for both aspects I would rule out changing the current

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