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', Naga Munchetty addresses show return amid absence 'You coming back? All rights reserved. As a result, the Conservative Party will be forced to include Laura’s £177,000 BBC salary as an election expense. “They’re expressing an opinion. Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk by MH Themes, Rupert Grint apologises for his annoying Ed Sheeran character, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ to be set in the past by the time it’s released, NASA announces discovery of poop on Uranus, Keir Starmer fails to impress at Man United trial in attempt to be more like Marcus Rashford, Twitter replaces Conservative MP Ben Bradley’s blue checkmark with a penis, Northern man wakes up in bathtub full of ice with steak and kidney pie stolen, Everyone waiting to see how fucked America is on a scale of 8 to 10, Man spending last days before lockdown doing exactly what he’ll do during lockdown, President Trump holds 42 point lead over Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. Earlier today, Boris Johnson was roundly criticised after grabbing a reporter’s phone off of him after being confronted with a shocking picture of a 4-year old […] She also came under fire for lashing out at Mr Johnson’s government on Twitter for complaining about “gotcha” questions over coronavirus restrictions. The BBC is demanding the Conservatives take down Facebook adverts featuring footage of its journalists Laura Kuenssberg and Huw Edwards, arguing that their inclusion could damage perceptions of the corporation’s impartiality. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. “This is a completely unacceptable use of BBC content which distorts our output and which could damage perceptions of our impartiality. It wasn't the first time I had noticed a stream of blatant propaganda which could only benefit the Conservative Party, aired by the BBC in the guise of unbiased news. By Dylan Donnelly PUBLISHED: 07:12, Wed, Oct … ‘Hopefully they’ll accept the money in rubles,’ one Conservative minister told us. Laura Kuenssberg and Huw Edwards footage could damage perception of impartiality, says corporation, Thu 28 Nov 2019 19.25 GMT The BBC’s political editor has come under fire before over bias allegations, with Ms Kuenssberg’s response to reports of Mr Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings alleged breach of lockdown rules earlier this year enraging Twitter users. ', BBC Breakfast fans switch off after 'unbearable' Jenrick grilling, SAGE says 'it's clear' that tighter restrictions may be needed in UK. Express. The BBC’s political editor posted a response to the Labour leader coming from a “senior government source” that attacked Sir Keir for opportunism amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kuenssberg, the political editor for BBC News, is in hot water after her coverage during the election campaign was proven to show ‘clear bias towards the Conservative Party’. While Laura Kuenssberg and the Conservative Party have both declined to comment, the BBC has said they will launch a full investigation into the matter, find Kuenssberg guilty, and then not do anything about it…again. This is a huge hit for the Tories as £177,000 represents money that could have been better spent on hiring actors to stand behind Boris Johnson in support of the Prime Minister. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Her appearance is followed by footage of Edwards – who will host the BBC’s election night coverage – intoning that there will be “another Brexit delay”, followed by shaky footage of opposition leaders accompanied by threatening music. London on brink of lockdown: Khan confirms Capital faces new limits [INSIGHT]Boris Johnson warned 'enormous Covid gamble' to cost UK 'more lives [ANALYSIS]Keir Starmer demands FULL LOCKDOWN as he attacks Boris' leadership -'You've lost control!' BBC's Laura Kuenssberg has enraged social media after reporting an anonymous attack on Sir Keir Starmer's calls for a two-week coronavirus lockdown. BBC news: Laura Kuenssberg has been criticised for her tweet on Keir Starmer, BBC news: The political editor tweeted an anonymous source calling Sir Keir a 'shameless oppurtunist', BBC news: Piers Morgan and others criticised Ms Kuenssberg for the tweet, BBC news: It comes after the Labour leader attacked the Prime Miniser for 'losing control' of the coronavirus pandemic, Jeremy Clarkson hits out at BBC 'You are doing it again! One Twitter user was much more harsh in questioning Ms Kuenssberg’s bias. There are a few that we know are aligned with a particular party/persuasion, Nick Ronbinson (Tory) for instance, but what about the rest? Laura Kuenssberg: A Heritage of Sweat Shops, Political Infulence and a Silver Spoon Exactly one year ago I wrote a Blog where I questioned the so called 'impartiality' of the BBC. The paid-for advert uses footage of the BBC’s political editor and the News at Ten host to argue that chaotic debates over Brexit can be avoided if people vote Conservative. Just say who the source is or don't bother.”, Can't see the below coronavirus poll? They’re not giving important information in public interest. As a result, the Conservative Party will be forced to include Laura’s £177,000 BBC salary as an election expense. But Ms Kuenssberg has caught backlash for her tweet from celebrities and reporters who wanted to know who the source was. I assume most political journalists prefer to be seen to remain impartial, but clearly anyone involved with political journalism is bound to have strong political views. Prime Minister Boris Johnson for losing “control of the virus and it's no longer following scientific advice”. Ms Kuenssberg tweeted out the government source’s comments shortly after Sir Keir’s calls for a “circuit-breaker” lockdown over October half-term, where the Labour leader attacked. Ms Kuenssberg’s posts came alongside Tory MP Amanda Milling, who posted the exact same quote five minutes before the editor did. The advert had been running for 24 hours on both Facebook and its sister site Instagram by the time of the BBC’s complaint. READ MORE: Laura Kuenssberg exposes HUGE coronavirus changes imminent - major announcement in days, Ms Kuenssberg has drawn huge criticism for the message, with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan saying: “Is your source Pot Kettle MP?”. Available for everyone, funded by readers, Director general Tony Hall’s comments follow threat from Boris Johnson to axe licence fee, PM said he was ‘perfectly happy’ to be questioned but has not set date for appearance, Hardball tactics have demoralised a BBC news operation undermined by its own gaffes, After terrorist attack broadcaster drops Andrew Neil condition for Marr appearance. Click here to take part. Actor Hugh Grant added: “Name your source please. In this time it had been seen by about 100,000 people and it remains live. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. And we pay them.”, Danny Wallace, of Radio X, also said: “It's so boring. Laura Kuenssberg and Huw Edwards footage could damage perception of impartiality, says corporation Jim Waterson Media editor Thu 28 Nov 2019 14.25 EST … In the headline of this article first published at noon on 27 September 2017 The Canary stated “We need to talk about newspaper archive. In common with other intentionally provocative stunts pulled by the Conservatives during this campaign, such as rebranding their press office Twitter account as a fact checker, it is possible the party will welcome any press coverage that focuses attention on its message. ', Ashworth stuns BBC host as he demands to know why lockdown was axed, BBC news: The BBC's licence fee compared to other countries, BBC news: The BBC has faced constant accusations of bias from both Labour and the Conservatives, Laura Kuenssberg exposes HUGE coronavirus changes imminent - major announcement in days, London on brink of lockdown: Khan confirms Capital faces new limits, Boris Johnson warned 'enormous Covid gamble' to cost UK 'more lives, Keir Starmer demands FULL LOCKDOWN as he attacks Boris' leadership -'You've lost control!

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