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Beloved wife fo the late Julius Evola. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. Unlike Guénon and his emulators, I believe I have nothing to write that would be intended especially for them ». 6 - The first to write about Evola in this country was Thomas Sheehan, in « Myth and Violence: The Fascism of Julius Evola and Alain de Benoist », Social Research, Vol. The past offers several examples of the distinction between an « ordinary » life and a « differentiated » life. The authors who first introduced Evola to the notions of self-sufficiency and of the « absolute individual » (an ideal, unattainable state) were Nietzsche and Carlo Michelstaedter. Evola’s antimaterialistic and non-biological racial views won Mussolini’s enthusiastic endorsement. Dear great grandmother of Patrick, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Jaclyn, Brittany, Lindsay, Jacob, Brayden, Lidia, Peter, Sophia, Antonio, Isabella, Hiram, Rachel, Noah, Abbey, Jimmy, Bailey, Julia, Calvin, and Eddie. First, Evola, like all traditionalists, presumed the existence of a higher, solar, royal, and esoteric primordial tradition, and devoted his life to describing, studying, and celebrating it in its many forms and varieties. 58 - Norberto Bobbio, Destra e sinistra: ragioni e significati di una distinzione politica, Rome: Donzelli Editore, 1994. Evola is full of it. 33 - Julius Evola, The Yoga of Power, trans. 6, 1986, pp. (28) In order to understand the reasons for Evola’s uncompromising attitude, we need first to define the concepts of « Tradition » and « modern world » as employed by Evola in his works. Conception essentially implies a state of complete abandonment of man to the sexual passion, just as one of the most natural means to avoid conception implies a certain renunciation, predominance of will, and self-control vis-a-vis the most primitive impulse of instinct and desire. It was not snobbism that led Evola to conclude that most human beings are « slaves » trapped in samsara like guinea pigs running on a wheel inside their cage. If it is to be otherwise, if the Church is to have a place in Europe, then the burden rests on the Church to repent of its many sins, errors, and false teachings, and to acknowledge and honor Europe’s foundational and ineradicable pagan identity. 116-134. ... but the Church wholeheartedly approves of a man and wife joining in pleasure, playfulness and intimacy. Soon Evola began a correspondence with the learned British orientalist and divulger of Tantrism, Sir John Woodroffe (who also wrote with the pseudonym of Arthur Avalon), whose works and translations of Tantric texts he amply utilized. » (23) Since the corresponding affective forces of the third chakra are anger, violence, and pride, one may wonder whether Eliade meant that the wound sustained by Evola could have had a purifying effect on the Italian thinker, or whether it was the consequence of his hubris. Buddhism declared a « polluted » or « unenlightened mind » to be the real problem, developing in the course of the centuries a real science of the mind in an attempt to cure the disease at the roots. Evola’s Tradition is characterized by « Being » and stability, while the modern world is characterized by « Becoming ». In this way the new belief imposed itself. Anyone who refuses to recognize the legitimacy of « the System », or to participate in the life of a community which he does not recognize as his own, professing instead a higher allegiance to and citizenship in another land, world, or ideology, is bound to live like a metic in ancient Greece, surrounded by suspicion and hostility. There followed a five-year period of inactivity. For this to happen and for us to bother with it there must be a firm belief in the existence of matter the knowability of science and the possibility of discovering the laws of nature. This is precisely the reason that in the past, and especially during the Middle Ages, the Roman Church was able to exercise a certain traditional and formative influence. This text was one of Evola’s finest. The reader may recall that dadaism was an avant-garde movement founded by Tristan Tzara, characterized by a yearning for absolute freedom and by a revolt against all prevalent logical, ethical, and aesthetic canons.Evola turned next to the study of philosophy (1923-1927), developing an ingenuous perspective that could be characterized as « transidealistic, » or as a solipsistic development of mainstream idealism. Such a person can understand not only those who live outside society’s parameters, but even those who are set against such (a) society, or better, this society. (63). Evola regarded acceptance of the human condition as the real problem, and autarchy, or self-sufficiency, as the cure. But the reasons for Evola’s rejection of the socio-political order in which lived must be sought elsewhere, namely in a well-articulated Weltanschauung, or worldview. As I have previously suggested, it was typical of the imperial universalism to exercise a higher unifying and organizing function over and above any particular cult, which it did not need to deny or to oppose. 22 - For a brief account of their correspondence, see Julius Evola, René Guénon: A Teacher for Modern Times, trans. Rebora’s frustration with Evola’s unwillingness to abandon his views and embrace the Christian faith is evident in the comment with which he closes the first half of his letter: « Let us pray that his previous books, which he is about to reprint, and a few new titles that will be published soon, may not chain him down, considering the success they have, and may not damage people’s souls, leading them astray in the direction of a false spirituality, as they “follow false images of the Good”. 28 - The Latin word hostis means both « guest » and « enemy ». This type of sexuality is hopelessly closed to transcendent possibilities intrinsic to sexual intercourse, and thus not worthy of being pursued. Humans are enlightened or unenlightened according to whether or not they grasp this basic metaphysical truth. (26) This attitude is to be commended because, according to Evola, in this day and age there are no ideas, causes, and goals worthy of one’s commitment. iconoclasts The composite character of Catholicism should not be forgotten. Also, there is the old “Catholics hate buttsex because Jews, Jews are bad so hurray for buttsex” argument that pops up over at Counter Currents (see James J. O’Meara). The second part of the book deals with the modern world. Evola argued that lack of involvement in the political and social construction of the human polis on the part of the « differentiated man » can be accompanied by a sense of sympathy toward those who, in various ways, live on the fringe of society, rejecting its dogmas and conventions. We spend our days talking about unimportant, meaningless details. In his autobiography Evola described Codreanu as « one of the worthiest and most spiritually oriented persons I ever met in the nationalist movements of that period ». The interment will follow in Calvary Cemetery. errata 3 - Tomislav Sunic, Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right, New York: Peter Lang, 1991; Ian B. Warren’s interview with Alain de Benoist, « The European New Right: Defining and Defending Europe’s Heritage », The Journal of Historical Review, Vol.13, no. This heroic experience is valuable and good in itself, whereas ordinary life is only driven by interests, external things and human conventions ».(45). 16 -  When Evola and a few friends came to the realization that the war was lost for the Axis, they began to draft plans for the creation of a « Movement for the Rebirth of Italy ». Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Dearest grandmother of Joseph, Ann (Mark), Julie (Larry), Gina (Mike), Michael, Lisa (Vince), Susanne (Mike), Matthew (Katie), Laura, Paula (Hiram), Michele (Neal), James (Haley). 20, 1989, pp. During this period he cofounded and directed the so-called Ur group, which published monthly monographs devoted to the presentation of esoteric and initiative disciplines and teachings. Like Socrates, Evola celebrated the civic values, the spiritual and political achievements, and the metaphysical worth of ancient monarchies, warrior aristocracies, and traditional, non-democratic civilizations. The more fervently all human energies are thrown into the great enterprise of salvation through world–immanent action, the farther the human beings who engage in this enterprise move away from the life of the spirit. The modern world he denounced in his masterpiece, Revolt against the Modern World, took its revenge on him: at the end of the war he was surrounded by a world of ruins, isolated, avoided, and reviled. He stayed in a hospital in Bologna for at least another year, where he underwent an unsuccessful laminectomy (a surgical procedure in which part of a vertebra is removed in order to relieve pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord). 35 - Julius Evola, Il cammino del cinabro, p. 139. The latter was a twenty-three year old Jewish-Italian student who committed suicide in 1910, the day after completing his doctoral dissertation, which was first published in 1913 with the title La persuasione e la retorica (Persuasion and rhetoric).

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