huawei b310 vs b311

They are both LTE cat.4 router supporting peak download speed up to 150mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. If you’re looking for an unlocked 4G home broadband router, you can choose from a range of Huawei 4G home broadband routers. If you would buy Huawei B310, you may confirm how many WAN or LAN ports are available, whether there is telephone port in case you want to use some functions but no interface to support. EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal, ©Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved. For those people who are looking for a home WiFi router, they may want to know what the difference is between the Huawei B612 and Huawei B310, and which one is better to buy. Great summary Ken! The following table shows a side-by-side comparison of the four routers: Alongside this, there are other 4G home broadband routers that are available only as part of a package. For those people who are looking for a home WiFi router, they may want to know what the difference is between the Huawei B612 and Huawei B310, and which one is better to buy. As we said, the variant models support different LTE frequency bands and have different Ethernet ports and interfaces. Three HomeFi is internet for people who don’t want or can’t get wired broadband for their home or office. Mobile Broadband Plan. A few months ago, Huawei presented a new 4G home WiFi router named Huawei B612. read our full review of the HomeFi service, with the terms and conditions on each network, buying an external antenna for your router, 4G & 5G Home Broadband Deals: Broadband With No Phone Line, External Antenna For 4G/5G Broadband: Improve Signal & Speeds, Huawei 5G CPE Pro: Broadband Router Review (H112-370 & H112-372), Huawei 4G Broadband Routers: B310, B315, B525 & B618 Compared, 4G Mobile Broadband Deals: Get Connected Using A Portable 4G Hotspot, Switching Broadband Provider: How To Change Broadband Provider In UK, No Contract Home Broadband: Flexible One-Month Broadband Deals, Superfast VS Ultrafast Fibre Broadband: Providers & Download Speeds, Full Fibre Broadband: How It Works, UK Full Fibre Providers & Speeds, 5G SIM Only Deals: Best 5G SIM Cards Compared From £5/Month, NOW Broadband Fab Fibre: Unlimited Broadband & Anytime Calls For £23/Month, 5G on VOXI: 5G Pay As You Go SIM Cards With No Contract & Credit Check, eSIM Only Deals: Best SIM Only Plans With eSIM Functionality In The UK, PAC Codes: How to transfer your mobile number when switching networks, NOW Broadband Fab Fibre: Unlimited Fibre Broadband & Anytime Calls, Sky Mobile iPhone 12 Deals: With Data Rollover, Free Sky TV Data & 5G, PAC Codes: Transfer Your Mobile Number To A New Network. The RJ11 phone port is also disabled on the Huawei B311 and the router is available in black rather than white. This is another way in which it trails behind the B535 WebBox, as that device has four Ethernet ports. The RJ11 phone port is also disabled on the Huawei B311 and the router is available in black rather than white. On the back, usually, there are 4 LAN ports (one for WAN/LAN), but some variant models of the Huawei B310 or B315 may reduce the LAN ports to 2 or 1. We have to look at the xpecifications for Huawei B315 and B310 to see the core content of the two routers. Posted on June 9 2018 Through the rest of this article, we’ll review each of the unlocked 4G broadband routers in more detail. Hi Charlotte, This will allow you to get the most from your home broadband connection without the worry of running out of data mid-month. As an alternative, it may also be worth considering the Huawei B535. A simple black oblong with sloping sides, it will look inconspicuous in most homes, blending into the background like a router should. Strong Wi-Fi coverage Enjoy smoother wireless network connections with the HUAWEI 4G Router B310’s robust Wi-Fi coverage that eliminates dead corners. SPECIFICATIONS AND VARIANT MODELS - LTE CPE B310 VS B315. Unlimited data SIM just £18 a month, 4GB SIM just £6 a month and 12GB SIM just £8 a month. Conclusion . That’s fast enough to smoothly stream HD videos, rapidly download apps and music and seamlessly browse the web, even with multiple devices connected to the HomeFi, so you shouldn’t notice any lack of speed. It’s not the only such device though, nor is it the only one sold by Three, so is it the right option for you? And then there’s the flexibility. It has all the features you'd expect from a standard router, including being to view your data usage and change your Wi-Fi network name, password or WiFi channel. Battle of Huawei Home WiFi Router - Huawei B612 VS B310. Huawei had provided many wireless router models for home usage and many of the Huawei Home WiFi routers are very well-known by the users. And HomeFi is cheap, as noted above, as well as now coming with an unlimited data option, making it a really viable alternative to fibre broadband. There’s also 2 SMA sockets for attaching an external antenna to your router. It also avoids one of the key issues of some mobile broadband services, namely data limits. There is also a plethora of advanced features including VPN setup, Mac Filtering, IP Filtering, NAT, Virtual Servers, DDNS and IP Filtering. Thanks for your comment. And the telephone port and USB 2.0 port may be missing. Realistically, you’re probably looking at speeds of around 20Mbps with HomeFi, while the fastest home broadband currently advertises average download speeds of 362Mbps. The Huawei B311 should be fine as long as it does what you want to do! The main difference between the Huawei B310 and the Huawei B311 is the latter only has a single SMA antenna socket. The HomeFi is reasonably speedy too. In this article, we will compare the Huawei B315 and B310 appearance, interfaces, specs, variant models, price and other features etc…You may get the answer finally after reading this blog. This though is true of other 4G home broadband devices too. Alternatively, you can use the Huawei HiLink app, which lets you do things like view what’s connected to the HomeFi and disconnect devices from it, diagnose issues and optimise performance of the HomeFi, remotely shut down or restart the device, view data usage and more. 12 month contract. We had no problems with signal with excellent signal strength being achieved across our modestly sizes office and in the surrounding areas. Huawei Logo is on the front in the middle. The LAN ports may not be enough for standard four. Thanks for your comment and some very good questions there! Purchase a new model of the Google Pixel 5 on Contract or PAYG before 31/12/20 and get a free Nest Audio worth £89.99. But if you need Ethernet ports for terminals, you’d better check the specific model and its Ethernet ports in the model. The Huawei B525 is available in a choice of two colours: either black with a golden strip, or white with a silver strip. The Huawei B310 is Huawei’s basic entry-level 4G home broadband router. A few months ago, Huawei presented a new 4G home WiFi router named Huawei B612. Available for around £100 unlocked at, the Huawei B315 is priced similarly to the B310. Separately, Vodafone has some download speed restrictions when you choose their Unlimited Lite or Unlimited plans. This should be the key difference between the two routers. 12 month contract. This site uses cookies. The key selling point of the Huawei B618 is its support for 4×4 MIMO technology. It’s worth noting also that there’s only one Ethernet port, so if you want wired connections to more than one device then … As successors to the Huawei B593 LTE Cat.3 CPE, Huawei presented to the public two similar LTE routers - Huawei B310 and B315 LTE CPEs. LTE CPE B315 VS B310 Specs and Variant models. Perbandingan spesifikasi Huawei B315 dengan Huawei B311 lengkap dengan daftar harga terbaru, review dan rating produk hanya di Pricebook. Copyright © 2020 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. One interesting newer alternative is the Huawei AI Cube, which is a slightly newer version router that also comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. From the specs table, we could see the Huawei B612 is more advanced than Huawei B310 router. I have just received my Huawei B311 router. Is there Google Play in the Galaxy Note 10+ SM-N9760? The web interface is accessed by visiting an IP address found on the bottom of the HomeFi along with the password needed. Both unexciting and inoffensive, it benefits from being quite compact at 181 x 126 x 70mm, so you can tuck it away almost anywhere. We'd love to hear your thoughts and any questions you may have. Advanced Plan. From the appearance, you may be still unable to identify the real difference. The main difference between the Huawei B310 and the Huawei B311 is the latter only has a single SMA antenna socket. The short answer is you can now use a smartphone SIM card in any device, including a mobile broadband or 4G home broadband router. My passion is helping people to get the most out of their mobile phone. Should you have any questions, please contact. If the attachment button is not available, update the Adobe Flash Player to the latest version! It does a great job of filling those niches, with the main caveat being that you’ll need to make sure you have decent Three signal where you are. Huawei Logo is on the front in the middle. Find out more. Ken, wow, excellent review – I’m getting a boat built later this year/early next and I’m a bit of a techie myself with phones, but this has just saved me a whole heap of time researching stuff. Latency is also lower on fibre broadband with pings expected around 20ms, while on 4G mobile broadband they are nearer to 50ms. Where the Huawei B315 wins out over the B310 is with the four Gigabit Ethernet sockets for connecting wired devices to your network. Huawei B311 4G LTE Router 2 (Cat.4, 4G LTE bis zu 150 Mbit/s(Download), 50 Mbit/s(Upload), WiFi 300Mbps, 1x Gigabit LAN, 1x TEL) Weiß - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. There are also two Gigabit Ethernet sockets for attaching a wired device to your network and one RJ11 phone socket for attaching a handset. However, it's now been discontinued and replaced by the new and improved Huawei B535 (or 4G Hub) home broadband router. HomeFi enables you to connect up to 32 devices simultaneously at a distance of up to 250 metres over WiFi, so unless you have the smartest of smart homes or live in a mansion, you’ll probably be able to get everything online. This means the router has four built-in antenna which can be used at the same time to access faster download speeds (the other routers listed on this page only support 2×2 MIMO). This can be paired with an unlimited data SIM card costing you about £20/month. As you may know, there are many variant models available to meet various LTE frequency bands from different network providers. Outside of the blog, I work with numerous technology companies helping them to market their product to consumers.

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