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hard bony lump on rib cage dog

Should we pursue a dx of possible Cushings first with a low dose dextramethasone challenge test? I am a dog groomer and deal with expressing anal sacs on a frequent basis..Today I was expressing my cocker's anals when I notice something that I felt was abnormal. Shadow has been on Prioxicam 10 mg for 3 months, along with Chlorephenerime 4 mg. He is almost 12 years old. My dogs stomach is rock hard and he's shaking really bad and cries when he gets picked up. I have a 6 1/2 year old Labrador. Pain in dog's hind quarters, a loss of appetite, and will not drink water? He often coughs to try and clear his chest. Causes of transient dog neck muscle spasms with dyspnea? My Yorkie Maltese Dog 5 years old developed a sore on her back. She had pulse rate of 200 for over 90 minutes, and very low blood pressure, with no color in her gums and tongue. Chris, Los Angeles, California. Thank you. Why? What should we be looking out for? Why is that? Could his problem be a calcium deficiency? I'm thinking diabetes &/or Addisons's. It is red and looks like it has gotten a little bigger. when I spoke to him he raised his head and looked at me then his head would continue to shake. Thank you. Why is my dog vomiting this thick white substance? Have a 4 year old lasa/poodle and her front leg twitches while standing. He's eating, drinking, and using the bathroom fine. I He's my best friend. We have had blood work come back normal, full x-rays and barium trace that showed no irregularities. He is much to young. Could the pink skin and stomach issues be related? still lacks energy but eating ok. pink drool coming from one side and tongue pale. energetic beagle lethargic suddenly. I have been using allergy meds. My dog sneezed and blood came out onto the pillow. ?-couldn't fit all the details below. Dogs neck has swollen glands, and problem popping. My dog is 19 months old. My dogs tail is swollen mid way down. I assumed it was from the trauma of having 8 puppies, being it was her first litter, but for 5 weeks after? Is this a reflux? I am a golden retriever breeder and I have had 3 litters with this particular set of parents. When she was to be spayed on 3/22 she turned blue when the general anesthesia was administered (she did get the pre-meds), hence the procedure was aborted. but it came back negative. It's a firm stool, not diarrhea. How to eradicate a foul odor with my dog? The vet also gave us some anti-inflammatory medication for his itching. They told me he has kennel cough and gave me antibiotics and hydrocodone. I have never encountered a previous litter with any of these problems in the past. This odd behavior started yesterday. A friend of mine is a vet assistant that removed them said that she may have been stung. All blood tests have come back negative. Could my dog have a simple tummy ache or should I have reason to worry? He threw the medication up after 3 days of treatment. What could cause small bumps around the outside of a dog's vaginal area? My dog started yelping every time she gets up from laying down. She is getting older, but has not had this degree of lameness at anytime. But she isn't eating much and has yellow watery diarrhea. The Vet had no clue what it was. Eliminated exposure to hot pavement. Yesterday she ate chicken and today she ate just a little bit of bread. Joined: Sep 12, 2011 Messages: 37 Likes Received: 0. The third pile, appeared to have been "cleaned up" by the dog after vomiting. He has been lying around and has not eaten. He's always been strong willed but in the last 6 months has occasionally become aggressive to the point of lunging at us. Bloated dog after giving puppies. Shes never been mated. Dog has rapid heart rate, is confused, and will not eat or drink. My boyfriend's dog went to vet today and was told she had a very low red blood cell count and her blood looked clear with a little red in it. He also suffers a swollen joint above the front paw and is limping constantly. Appetite is slightly down and stomach noise is sometimes present, sometimes leading to vomiting. there is a small bump on the back of my beagle's neck. The vet kept him and gave fluids but nothing improved him. Now she is not herself and limping. But she has trouble standing still as she loses her balance. He does not have a temperature & was on Revolution last summer & was wormed last summer as well. He still has a healthy appetite and is very playful. My dog's nose is runny and he seems congested. Her diet has changed (hopefully for the better) and she was stung by a wasp the day she came to us. My dog is a mix between lab and American bulldog. I also noticed she may whine while laying down even while sleeping. He does not have worms or anything he went to the vet a couple months ago & is on flea & heart worm preventative. I don't know what to do. She is a 6 year old pitbull that has been healthy all her life thus far. Thanks for any advice!Julie. Broke her tibia 3yrs ago, JUST had 13 screws and rod removed.Got her home she started vomiting yellowish foam, we stopped the deremax(they thought it was the meds)She got worst,didn't think she was going to make it.The vet kept her for observation and testing. I noticed that my male Shitzu (2 years old) has been licking his penis more often than usual. Dog vomiting and lethargy symptoms. Vet tells me that the demylination and the constipation areknown problems with G.Shepherds because of the inbreeding for their low back stance. Should I just keep an eye on in and watch for changes in size and such? Or a stomach issue? This coincides with a lot of scooting. My Dog a 11 year old beagle has back spasms as my vet calls them she is on predisone once a day everyother day and tramadol twice a day also robaxin twice a day. Dog's anus red and raw from constantly licking, Dog moaning, dashing, and biting back area. Why? Could this be anal gland infection, not his back again? She also licks the rash so any of the ointments don't stay on long. my dogs breath has started to stink like snot the last couple of days has never had this problem before, My english mastiff puppy is 9 months old. We have an english bulldog. Please help my poodle. He doesn't seem to be sore any where on his body, but he whines all night when laying down. Can this be a sympton of lyme disease? I saw him rub his butt once on the cement too. My Shih Tzu usually has lots of energy. Thank you very much for your kindness. Even when she sits, she always shaking.This happen about 4 days ago, and I brought her to vet in my city. What are the causes of blood in stool and vomit? Won't come when called. To me, they do not not favor a wart because they do not have a rough texture. vet says healthy but legs shake when sitting and peeing on one side with leg up! What could this mean? Dog drooling, panting, scooting her butt and shaking her ears? and gums, eyes were pale in color, Great Dane has developed lupus-like sores on one paw, Dog is in pain and won't use her right back leg, Limping, Lameness in my Australian Shepard rear leg. My cat has a large tumor on her back and was recently diagnosed to be cancerous. The dog is suddenly stopping from a walk and freak out on rubbing on the pavement or looking her genital. He just had a spinal tap today so we are waiting on the results from that. Thank you for your help. The vet is taking good care of my female german shepherd dog. He is eating and drinking and playing but lays around a lot too. Also he is only pooping once a day and it worries me because he usually goes twice a day and only goes in the morning. My puppy is perfectly fine she eats well, her poop is okay and she is happy as always. Sometimes her lower jaw tremors, (opens and closes quickly)She often seems disinterested. A few weeks ago he had a similar incident where he seemed to suffer a mini seizure but recovered after 10 minutes or so. It's obviously giving her some grief as she nipped me and the vet when we were touching it which she's never, ever done before. Dr. Michael Salkin. They are hard and raised. my dog has bumps all over his body, is coughing, and his balls are red and swollen what id wrong with him? Thank you! She then had a droopy eye. sometimes active but not like he used to be. Swollen puppy eyes with pus and two large growths on both side of his neck, Growth on dog butt and she keeps biting it open, Dog symptoms: Dog has hard time walking and in pain, Dog vomiting and after medicine eats but hides and doesnt want to be touched, Dog with tumor like bump on ribcage vomitting. We sometimes have to call him multiple times before eh moves. She completely frustrated with her condition. How does a histiocytoma behave as it heals? It's not a lot, doesn't have an odor, she doesn't have a fever. Any suggestions? My dog has recently developed a red bump by his nose. Well the positive I can get from this is the vet isn't moving things quickly to get the lump removed, when we took our dog a few weeks ago with a suspected tumour they moved very quickly to get it removed and and a biopsy done, the temp coming down has to be good too. Yesterday she bleed from her anus and this morning also, and her bowel movements are soft. Then, after a week, he could not get up. our dog is fighting to breath,panting,he had rapid weight loss,gums are grayish ,very weak,falls if he gets in too big hurry.,just stares and pants. Dog has front paw pain when it comes into heat? Never happened before....yet does vomit on occasion but quickly passes. First, he stopped eating and had fever. My dog is just laying down and is shaking a lot? Almost 11 years Female spayed English Springer Spaniel. What could this be? My dog has been leaking urine. She asks to go out but drops stools on the way. my vet gave me some drontal plus to treat her for worms and the eggs are still coming out in her poop. She's first seizure was at 8 month old. We have 11 puppies about 6 1/2 weeks old. The bleeding is only in the morning after she wakes up. He also stretches a lot(front & back). It's large and hard and doesn't move when I press it. Any ideas what could be wrong? My dog just got back from dog day care and has a discolored discharge from his penis. Yes I keep telling myself it's looking good as the vets aren't in a hurry to do anything. His belly button has a bump. She is a shih tzu and she is only 3yrs.

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