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filinta cast lara

Mustafa and Ali race against the clock to save a life at the palace. Contrary to expectation, Boris is vexed by Mustafa's detention. The sultan refuses to negotiate with Akbar. A higher power puts pressure on Boris to get rid of Bala Hatun, who seeks Hamdi's help in reaching Mustafa. Wait a minute. As his life hangs by a thread, Boris encounters an unlikely savior. Cemil uses Şehzade Murat to stage a political uprising following the Thessaloniki affair, but Mustafa has a backup plan that only Leyla can foil. at 8:55pm. Cemil announces a plan to reinstall Şehzade Murat. Boris revisits his past and opens old wounds. Avrupa’da oldukça ünlü. Our story begins with a conspiracy against Mustafa and Ali. ", followed by 2984 people on Pinterest. Dönemin en gözde Alman şarkıcısı ve dansçısı. The trouble is I have to keep googling the history at the same time because my Turkish history is scanty except from a Western European viewpoint. Cemil Efendi (56 Episodes) Nur Fettahoglu. Then, I decided to try it again and see if it got any better. The young girl that played his love interest irritated the daylights out of me. Lara Zaharyas (26 Episodes) Mehmet Özgür. #Filinta #Lara. Süreyya (30 Episodes) Berrak Tüzünataç. Farah attempts to win Miloş's trust and learn Süreyya's whereabouts. Ali and Mustafa protect the padişah in a shootout. Onur Tuna as Filinta Mustafa Serhat Tutumluer as Boris Zaharyas Mehmet Ozgur as Kadi Giyasettin Hatemi Naz Elmas as Azize Damla Aslanalp as Lara Zaharyas Hakan Yufkacigil as Sansar Cemil Bulent Alkis as Sultan Kaan Urgancioglu as Otto Petrovic Nur Fettahoglu as Sureyya Berrak Tuzunatac as Farah Asena Tugal as Leyla Hakan Kurtas as Sultan Abdülhamid Han … Kaan Urgancioglu as Otto Petrovic Üsküplü sends a message to Mustafa through Gazanfer. FORGET TO mention ” FILINTA” the show name and wonderful/ strong character actors of Onur Tuna ( Mustafa) and Cem Ucan( Blazer Ali).. Mustafa tells Farah there may be many more like her. Celal walks into Mustafa's trap. Episode 1 44m. Abdullah helps Mustafa with evidence linked to the stolen cross. Mustafa’s character would have demanded a much stronger woman rather than a simpering schoolgirl. Her irritating little voice drove me crazy. THEN, to top off all this unbelievable stuff, you bring in the fact that the top person leading the secret society to take your government down is an AMERICAN????? Maybe that’s what Turkish men admire? באיסטנבול של המאה ה-19, שוטר צעיר חוקר פשעים ומתאהב בבתו של סוחר עשיר שקושר נגדו קשר. This is generally used for anime. He and his teammates are working hard to keep the peace in the streets of the Ottoman Empire. Cemil's political ruse fails. Miloş sets out on a revenge-fueled rampage. Ali makes a surprising announcement in front of Süreyya. Boris makes Gıyaseddin a proposal, but Gıyaseddin proves to be incorruptible. After a heated confrontation with Mustafa, Boris loses something dearer to him than his own life. Gıyaseddin begins to suspect Bekri's testimony after spotting an unusual guest in the courtroom. Gıyaseddin's unexpected decision baffles Boris. Farah asks Mustafa for work in his unit. © 2020, A Whip Media Group Company. Boris battles with his conscience and pays Mustafa a visit. Davut Paşa reveals that he has an informant among the Brotherhood Syndicate. Hafif asosyal bir kitap kurdu. The Russians extend an attractive offer to the English. External Links Let me begin by saying: I love Turkish shows! Davut Paşa gives Ruhi Paşa a role in the service. Zamanla Mustafa'ya meyledecektir... Aşk imkansızlıkların arasından yeşerecek! "The Kid" puts out bait for Mustafa. As an American born and raised, I knew nothing about your country or your people. Gıyaseddin tracks down the man behind the smoking gun. Abdullah tells Mustafa about his past with Boris. After talking to the nanny, Mustafa makes up his mind about Leyla, but Farah gets framed instead. Broadcast Network: TRT 1 A murder plot threatens to undermine Ottoman-Russian relations. Ali has another close shave. Farah (30 Episodes) Asena Tuğal. Akbar leaves Ali with an impossible dilemma. Mustafa barks up the wrong tree, and Farah looks into Leyla's past, only to find more questions than answers. Yüce Efendi sends a dangerous assassin on Mustafa's trail, and Mustafa's mission threatens to come between him and Leyla. The whole story was not even believable. Davut Paşa - Yüz yıl önce Osmanlı Rus savaşında başarısız olan Giray Paşa’nın soyundan geliyor. When the children are caught escaping, Neslihan finds a way out. Verileri toplamakta ve onları değerlendirmekte eşine az rastlanır bir yeteneği var. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Mustafa offers Leyla a proposal and fulfills Gıyaseddin's wishes. The sultan buys time to plan his next move and negotiates with the German envoy.   |  Damla Aslanalp as Lara Zaharyas Mustafa starts to investigate this conspiracy but falls in love with the beautiful daughter of his enemy conspiring against him, Lara Zaharyas (Damla Aslanalp). Screen Writer: Omer Genc, Altug Kucuk. Ailesi daima bu olayın gölgesi altında yaşadı. Davut Paşa brings Farah to stay with Leyla and Mustafa, and Farah is disappointed by news of the engagement. Anita reveals to Boris her political ambitions. I saw no emotion from him except when a fake tear would run down his cheek. Who ever wrote this T.V. After the envoys vote on the Balkan territories, the sultan comes up with a last-minute announcement that turns the tables on the Russians. Mustafa pursues Sir Thomas, but Boris is determined to have the last word. Farah becomes Leyla's next mission. As far as a concern by a fellow reviewer, I get what you are saying about the history as portrayed. Miloş tries to manipulate Farah into switching sides. Still in mourning, Mustafa tries to track down the killer responsible for his loss. So far we are on our 9th series and Turkish tv shows are so much better than what is available in the states! Mustafa and Abdullah find a way to make Farah recall fragments of her troubled past. Tensions with Miloş heat up. Unfairly accused of a heinous crime, he must fight to clear his name "and save his life", while also investigating ongoing cases. Boris holds Mustafa responsible for Lara's fate. Boris finds a way to separate Lara and Mustafa, who suspects a ruse. #Filinta #FilintaMustafa, YILDÖNÜMÜN KUTLU OLSUN FİLİNTAM #birosmanlıpolisiyesi #binyılınşafağında #filinta #bıçakali #filintamustafa Filinta #yusufesankal, Filinta Mustafa (Onur Tuna) is a young and successful police officer in the 19th century Istanbul, in the Ottoman era. Foto Abdullah (56 Episodes) Ceren Yılmaz. The padişah tells Süreyya his secret plan for Boris. "Carbine" Davut Paşa fulfills his end of the deal with Sir Henry, who becomes a pawn in the padişah's ruse. Ülkesi uğruna yapamayacağı şey yok. A mystery man from Mustafa's past returns, but his motives remain unclear. Abdullah retrieves codes that could lead him to the missing children.

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