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dr jeff rocky mountain vet wife

Jeff was born on April 14th, 1956, in Indiana. For a veterinarian taking care of animals is an everyday job. Later she worked as a staff of Planned Pethood Plus which Dr. Jeff owned. The couple now lives above the clinic to deal with their notoriously busy schedule. Jeff Young: Rocky Mountain Vet’’. She spent most of her savings to help her dog. After a visit to his doctor, Jeff was given the shocking news that he had B-cell Lymphoma. Thank you both for trying to show others that fact. As the name suggests, Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet is a show that follows the life of the aforementioned vet. Remarkably, Dr. Young only let Kraft watch for a few weeks before he was thrown right into the thick of things as he had to lead his own surgeries. Dr. Perta is beautiful to look at but even better she is an example of skill professionalism and dedication. Petra had moved to the USA from her native Slovakia. However, we can confirm that he is still very much alive. Your email address will not be published. Both work as a veterinarian for Planned Pethood Plus, an animal health clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. On one occasion, they handled the case of a stray dog that had been admitted at the clinic after a fence-related injury. This part was also shown in the Animal Planet TV show “Dr. While there is no doubting her compassion for animals, it is also safe to say that Melody can be an acquired taste. After Dr. Young and Deb split up, both of them moved on with life. Adding up different income sources his net worth is estimated to be $2 Million as of 2020. He is an advocate of neutering and spaying pets – according to various websites, he has performed more than 165,000 of these procedures over the course of his career, believing that it improves long term animal health. In as much as it is not known exactly when Dr. Jeff Young married Dr. Petra, it is suspected that everything took place somewhere in 2014. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.”  Follow us as we explore a wiki-like biography of Dr. Petra Young. They married four years later, though she is not his first wife. At the time, Petra was a rookie who did not have a lot of experience. It suggests that he is 64-years old presently. Jeff Baier was born and raised in a farm in Nebraska. Required fields are marked *, Is Dr. Petra Mickova Married to Rocky Mountain Vet Dr. Jeff Young? I love the way she explains her process and, again, wish time allowed for more detail and explanation. Both are members of the team showcased in the reality television show “Dr. Through thick and thin Dr. Petra has been a constant light in her husband’s life and career. Required fields are marked *. Performing surgery and rescuing animals is part of her job and she excels in the profession. Some cases are just too far gone, and there is nothing more that they can do in these instances. This and his favorite television show, Wild Kingdom, paved the way for his career into medicine. Dr. Jeff Baier. Early Life And Education Of Dr. Jeff Young Dr. Jeff Young was born Jeff Young in 1952 in the U.S. to his American parents. They hit it off almost immediately, and a friendship quickly blossomed. Age, Birthday, Birthdate. Their daughter, Melody, has developed an interest in her parents’ line of occupation and is currently working with them at the clinic. Both work as a veterinarian for Planned Pethood Plus, an animal health clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are accounts on websites such as Facebook that share the same name, but are not related to her in any way. Another tragedy that hit the show came with Dr. Jeff’s cancer diagnosis. After four years, Dr. Jeff and Petra Young married in 2014. Love watching her do surgery. A different episode saw them treat an obese cat with kidney disease. One of the reasons the show is popular is due to its realistic portrayal of the tense and often chaotic atmosphere within the clinic, but also showing Jeff as an anchor for both the vets and the patients. https://tvshowstars.com/dr-jeff-rocky-cancer-update-bio-career-marriage Besides, he has a tattoo. Even then, the good doctor’s kind heart was prevalent as Jeff bought Hector a pair of running shoes. The reason he still makes a lot of money is due to the television show, and the sheer volume of animals he treats on a daily basis. Dr. Jeff Young’s wife Dr. Petra Mickova Wikipedia Biography. She takes care of him and was evident during the time Dr. Jeff suffered cancer. The couple resides near the clinic so that they have easy access. Upon completion of her degree, Amy drove directly to Planned Pethood and talked her way into a job after an interview with Dr. Young. Petra is a veterinary doctor based in Colorado. As his brand grew, Jeff branched out to rescuing animals out there in the world, and not just only those that were brought into his clinic by their owners. She was born in Nov 1984 in Slovakia. After his graduation from the Colorado State University in 1989, Dr. Jeff Young got a job as an animal welfare officer at the Fort Collins It is through this job that Dr. Jeff Young became so passionate about animals. She is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado. Jeff Young is a TV star and veterinary officer who has about three decades of experience in the field. His wealth of experience eventually landed him at Dr. Young’s clinic, where he is the designated exotic animal specialist. It was a match made in heaven as the two shared a lot of common interest. Feel ppp is a great is a great organization! At its core, the clinic functioned to help animals rather than make money. Her husband also doesn’t have any online accounts but has a strong online presence due to the television show. At the clinic, she handles the creatures with so much passion and compassion. Your email address will not be published. I love watching Dr Jeff on TV. While the two were often showed working together on-air, they have never played on the fact that they were married, or showcased their relationship; it was only when Petra was called Dr. Petra Young that people started to realize that the two were more than just co-workers. For now, Dr. Jeff Young runs a reality television show dubbed, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet. It is fair to say that he has led a fascinating life. Dr. Jeff was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma, and she was the one who prepared him for chemo by cutting his long shiny hair. Jeff’s clinic puts the treatment of animals first. I really like her, both as a TV personality and as a vet. Deb and Jeff tied the knot sometime after they were both done with school. Two years after remarriage, Dr. Jeff Young faced a life-threatening diagnosis. Amy took the little animal under her care and nursed it back to complete health. She was born in Czechoslovakia. Dr. Jeff is married to Petra Mickova and lives with her wife right above his Denver clinic. She graduated from Rantoul High around the same time her ex-husband did. After she finished school, Petra found herself working at Planned Pethood. He was married before and has three children from that relationship. It’s obvious that she is super smart. She doubles as the wife of Dr. Jeff Young who together, starred on the show, Rocky Mountain Vet. Finding Bigfoot Ranae Holland Wiki Bio, Husband, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Misty Raney Bilodeau Pictures, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Weight, Wiki-Bio. The country setting meant that he joined the rest of the clan as they churned butter and tended to their crops. The marriage has been blessed with three daughters and seven grandchildren. The two operate in the same clinic. Melody’s duties range from managing the stuff, budget-related issues, and creating an organized schedule. Gradually, however, Petra’s prowess and calm demeanor shone through. The show centers on Dr. Jeff and his staff at Planned Pethood Plus as they take care of animals. As things stand, Jeff Young has a reported net worth of $200,000. Shelly grew up in an environment that encouraged her to take care of animals.

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