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crucian carp fishing near me

There are a dozen fishermen on season tickets, with a rota in force so that no more than six blokes can be there on any one day. A snap link was used on the swivel which could then connect the loop made at one end of the hook-length and also facilitate the use of a Dynamite stick. Location (county): St. Lawrence They were making me work before rewarding me. However, when looking back on my past captures it is evident that they were tainted with just a hint of cyprinid seed and you, the reader, may like to do a few scale counts on my photographs. By the time that I was finally ready and actually fishing it was mid-morning and nobody else there. The best compromise I felt, once again came from the Drennan stable namely microbraid - which had a thin diameter along with a brown complexion, which would merge into the bottom well. Where do I start? Imagine float fishing for hours on end and then having to react to a single sharp bob on the tip which was further compounded by the fact that the whole process had been conducted under the veil of darkness. They are far too civilised to waste too much energy. A very enjoyable day in good company. At last some action. You could have said I was elated but that would have been understating it! After a brief fight the net enfolds the beauty and PR arrives to take some pics to celebrate. Thus, on such a day two seasons ago I went up to an eight hook with a correspondingly large piece of flake and took a good crucian with a sail-away bite. I sneaked along to the Top Pond to the pre-baited swim, where I thought there was a gap in the long dead lilies. In Norfolk, for example, I've been told that it is next to impossible to catch any crucian carp where once there were plenty. Strangely, PR took a similar sized crucian from the top lake around the same time, followed by a big tench. I would estimate the Mere to be around half an acre in size. I noticed some of the swims had had a weed rake dragged through them at one time or another and some more recent raking had coloured up one or two spots in particular. Location (county): Richmond Co. (Staten Island) What I preach may damn me to piscatorial hell and send a shudder down Mr Yates' spine but if you want to catch you will study these words below carefully. 50% Silvers, Rudd, Roach, Orfe, Ide,Gudgeon, Skimmers, Tench, Golden Tench, Crucian Carp, Koi Carp & Gudgeon Bowes Has two island features and a none fishing sanctuary. As you enter the village from the A11 you will see a Builders' merchant on your right and then the village cross where you turn right into Chapel Street. I fear that unless we do something to reverse the decline of the crucian carp country-wide it will become little more that a memory and a curiosity, to be fished for in just a very small number of specialist waters. A simple bottom rig works well with hair rigs or just a standard hook. The next hour or so saw twelve beautiful crucians grace my net, all between 12oz and a "weigher" of 1lb 14oz. I have exploited this in my crucian management here by providing nursery ponds, each of which can produce thousands of fish every two years. PR saves the day with sound advice, so I set up on the dam of the first lake, giving easy access to the bottom lake for some lucky-dipping later. He'd flicked into the pond a few bits of spilled bait and in doing so one of his rings flew from his finger, landed on the water with a plop and sunk from view. Name of Water: Hudson River Just as well, as the first hour produced six tench, which all fought like tigers, particularly three females around 2lbs 8oz - 3lb. All very serendipitous, another day I've have stuck on my lucky 7" porcupine quill, a size 10 'S3' and caught a dozen. Name of Water: Hyde Park Lake Nothing at all. An even later riser than me! The average worked out at one crucian per angler per year but they were invariably fish over 2½ pounds. Corn works very well for this. There were also the lovely roach, perch and tench to keep me happy if the crucians refused to play. Fishing for crucians is a unique experience, a very different pleasure from the "haul-'em-out-and-weigh-the-biggest" philosophy of so much of today's angling. Need I say that yet again I had not taken my camera! As mentioned there are also a wide variety of commercial baits available. The whole fishery to myself in the first week of the season. Which raises the question - why aren't we doing something about it, when it's relatively easy to achieve, as the crucian population of my small pond demonstrates? Public access: Public fishing pier and large town park for access, Name of Water: Lake Ontario (mouth of 12-mile Creek) What was clear was there was a lot of fish activity in the swim but these were, mostly, this seasons' fry and we needed to feed hard to get them to stop their interest in our baits. Don't get me wrong, I love tench, but with such light tackle and those reeds next to me....well you understand I'm sure. Informative. Surely if they carried the same family name as their mirror and common cousins then a similar range of tactics would prove equally effective? A contented chappie walked to the bus stop on the way home. You might get away with tench, but never roach, rudd, bream or any predator, because by doing that you're just replicating the situation in your main water and the crucians will decline. So while I too enjoy such a pitting of wits sometimes, I think that when the stock level is low and the prize is great it's best to chuck the traditionalist approach in the bin and seek the assistance of cold clinical tactics. I was a member of Godalming Angling Society for many years and caught a number of crucians between one and two pounds from Broadwater lake. Name of Water: Wantagh Mill PondLocation (county): Nassau It is almost exclusively a still water fish, with a preference for heavily overgrown, swampy ponds and small lakes. The qualities of the fluorocarbon relay the slightest activity to a light bobbin. I settle into one of the water lily swims, one I'd opened out with the scythe yesterday. Then followed a series of missed bites. Around this time a friend of mine, Ray Oliver and his father Percy fished Forest Lake near Pirbright in Surrey. So I quickly dashed back to the van, set up the rod and quill, pushed the tell tail shot away from the hook, baited up and cast into the crucian pot. Nothing but small rudd there as well. Public access: Public launch sites and waterfront parks for shore fishing. Ann and Arthur Adlington, the staff and our angling coaches all welcome competent coarse anglers with a year-long rod licence to the Angel of the North Fishing Lakes: a Centre of Excellence. I concede the day and retire very happy and satisfied with my day in Paradise. The following is a listing of some popular waters for carp fishing. One hopes that one day the Angling Trust will be able to try to co-ordinate crucian conservation in a similar way but by then it may well be too late. When I arrived at the very last swim I couldn't see the water because of a bend in the path. It was really hard resisting to strike until the float fully disappeared. This I concluded would be minimal given the stock level and the fact that I had no wish to attract the hordes of hungry tench. On arrival we walk up the side of a stream which gradually opens up to a tree-lined mature lake with an overgrown island. Location (county): Richmond (Staten Island) 'Y(UV)' = Photo identified but awaiting further verification (DNA) The float never went under during that whole spell. I switched the float to my Black Arrow and Mitchell and carried on fishing. And lastly to Marsh Farm, and as Peter Wheat rightly observes in Crock of Gold, it is a pleasant place, maturing well and kept to a high standard. I love crucians. Location (county): Oswego Anyway, it turned out to be one of those special days that I will never forget. Another slow spell was broken by two more tench and then nothing again for a while. The tench probably probe more deeply in the bottom silt than the crucians, though. There's enough room to park a couple of cars right between them so you can fish light, safe in the knowledge that anything else you need is nearby if you find you must have it. But it's not just avoiding the bream, come the evening or at dawn if the wind is still, the air is thick with biting insects, worst of all are the black fly that can induce panic, they crawl silently into every orifice. What happened to those dawn starts! I persuaded my(lazy)self that a late start was OK, because the pools had been virtually unfished since last September and the fish should be very obliging. Name of Water: Fort PondLocation (county): Suffolk The best catch of such fish is waiting for you on quieter and calmer days. Public access: Shoreline only, no boats, Name of Water: Massapequa ReservoirLocation (county): Nassau Given Eversley's enclosed margins, years of fallen leaves and twigs would certainly prove a hindrance here so there was only one answer: I needed to clean the bottom and my tool of choice for this job would be a rake. Public access: There is a DEC launch site on the south end of the lake - car top only. The days are long gone when I arose before dawn to cycle two miles to Orpington lakes for three hours fishing before commuting to central London. Notes: Carp up to 35 lbs. For the novice carp angler, basic fishing tackle will work just fine. A couple more small tench showed too but then came the fish I came for, the target I had set myself, a crucian carp of over 2lbs......1oz over actually. I packed up at 3.45, my total by then being 56 fish, 42 lovely little crucians to about 4oz and 14 small Common Carp with the biggest about 7oz. John said the ring was made mainly of steel. As I headed off to the van, two tussling buzzards swooped right over my head just missing me. Public access: shoreline access David was already beating me on the crucian front. I got engrossed in detecting bites - the tiny quill was re-equipped with two no. Time had passed quickly while watching the carp in the Bottom Pond concentrated in the very shallow end, including the 20lbs+ Queen of the pond. I just wish I had a week off! At a sharp turn in Chapel Street there is the entrance to the fishery.

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