choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city analysis

LOGOUT. At the meeting, two men from the school system’s Office of District Planning projected a rezoning map onto a screen. This rezoning did not occur because it was in the best interests of P.S. Looking at P.S. The plan would split the P.S. 307’s integration were heating up, causing alarm among parents. Part of what makes those schools desirable to white parents, aside from the academics, is that they have some students of color, but not too many. The writer attending a meeting at which a New York City community education council voted on the rezoning of P.S. 8, could be zoned out of their own school. Internally, I started to exhale. 8, black, Latino, white and Asian, feared they were losing something important, a truly diverse school that nurtured its neediest students, where families held equal value no matter the size of their paychecks. Predominantly filled with low-income black and Latino students from surrounding neighborhoods, P.S. Everyone's kids end up better off with fully integrated schools because there's virtue in being exposed to people of different backgrounds and how good a school is depends an enormous amount on the percentage of parents with the money and free time to be involved in the running of the school, so it's to everyone's benefit to spread those parents around rather than segregate them to a handful of schools. 307 was underenrolled. 8, with its low test scores and low enrollment, languished amid a community of affluence because white parents in the neighborhood refused to send their children there. But I have no doubt my parents’ decision to pull me out of my segregated neighborhood school made the possibility of my getting from there to here — staff writer for The New York Times Magazine — more likely. from NYT Magazine education is sold as a tool against poverty because the idea appeals exactly to the middle class: those people who have won the golden ticket out of the bottom floor. Thanks to her hard work, the school had recently received money from a federal magnet grant, which funded a science, engineering and technology program aimed at drawing middle-class children from outside its attendance zone. Pushed Out: The Injustice Black Girls Face In School. 307 sat at the center of the neighborhood population boom, half empty. The New York City Department of Education does not keep attendance data before 2000, but as McBeth remembered it, by the late ’80s, P.S. “I am eager for some official notification for exactly what the program is,” she told me. As the potential for rezoning loomed over the school, they were forced to turn their attention from fund-raising and planning events to working to prevent the city’s plan from ultimately creating another mostly white school.

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