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Photos and video may be used immediately on the Chicago Tribune if your name and contact information are provided with your submission to confirm its authenticity. Your tips may be shared with Chicago Tribune media partners. ), Posted by Newsdesk at 12:03 PM No matter what, always ask the dealer if the vehicle is still under warranty — either the original warranty, or an extended plan.Finally, if you decide on a car, prepare your financing options.“If you’re buying something that’s only a year or two old, worth a sizeable amount, have financing lined up in advance,” Hyde said. What have other consumers said about it? Try going for a walk with a friend. in Consumer news & tips, Travel If you’ve researched what the car is worth, you'll know what constitutes a reasonable price. If you experience less severe symptoms, self-isolate until you recover, even if the symptoms seem mild. Permalink Usually, the cost of the warranty is as much or more than the cost of the repair, Kotkin said.“It’s just a really bad investment,” he said.Tom Merritt, the host of the online show Tech News Today, said that by simply running the numbers, you can usually see whether a warranty is worth it.For instance, if you buy a $250 digital camera and the salesperson offers an extended warranty for $90, the odds that you’ll recoup your money’s worth are low.“The math just doesn’t make sense,” Merritt said.Linda Sherry, a spokeswoman for the watchdog group Consumer Action, said consumers often wind up paying for protection they already had.“I recommend people check with their credit card company,” Sherry said. It serves as your receipt.Under no circumstances should you send payment information via e-mail. In some cases, consumers purchase extended warranties simply for peace of mind.Ed Albro, editor of PC World, said a recent survey of that magazine’s readers showed that people who purchased an extended warranty were slightly more likely to be happy with their service than folks who had just the original warranty.If you do decide to shell out for extended coverage, read the policy carefully. in Consumer news & tips, Warranties, Web/Tech “If someone manages to hack into your system, via Wi-Fi or some other system, they can access your information.”Most of all, slow down. Internet scammers are lurking, just waiting for the opportunity to fill your stocking with a big ol' lump of coal.Now more than ever, online shoppers must be vigilant.“There are people in law enforcement who will admit off the record that the bad guys are probably about five years ahead of the good guys right now,” said Adam Levin, a consumer credit and fraud expert at Credit.com. Many used vehicles have grossly inflated sticker prices so that the salesman can make a grand show about reducing the price. "If a taxpayer moves and does not notify the IRS or the U.S. "The ban comes after nine students from Central Washington University were hospitalized after a party in Roslyn last month," a Nov. 10 Q13 Fox story said. | And one in 10 plan to use their phones to make gift or holiday item purchases.". Clean and disinfect surfaces in your home frequently, especially those people touch regularly, such as door handles, faucets and phone screens. We've highlighted a few here: Use a credit card: The safest way to shop online is with a credit card. Connecting with friends, loved ones and your community via social media, phone, video or text can help reduce feelings of social isolation. “If you don't like the answer, tell them to put your car back together and you'll go somewhere else.”With some newer cars, you can go about 7,500 miles between oil changes, Molla said. The IRS was initially unable to deliver the checks because of mailing address errors. Keep proof handy: After placing an order online, you should receive a confirmation page that reviews your entire order. Keep up to date on COVID-19 information and risks from local and national health authorities. Taxpayers can find out if they are due a tax refund by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-1954 or visiting IRS.gov. The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Is it legitimate?Complete the purchase only on secure Web sites, those with an “s” at the end of the “http” and a padlock to the right of the URL. The demand was so high, Groupon's servers experienced technical difficulties. But make sure you don't get talked into unnecessary repairs. "ESC intervenes by selectively applying brakes to nip a slide in the bud. | In some cases, you can also see how much similar cars are selling for.No matter where you consider buying a car from (an individual, a dealership or over the Internet), demand a test drive before committing to any purchase. Posted by Newsdesk at 5:53 PM It is especially helpful in slippery conditions and crash-avoidance situations when a car may otherwise partially rotate or spin out of control.". By Problem Partner Kristin Samuelson | Last week, Michigan's Liquor Control Commission banned caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as Four Loko, which is produced in Chicago, amid recent reports of college students being hospitalized after consuming such drinks. Once contaminated, hands can then transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. “We’d like to get this money back to taxpayers as quickly as possible. Since we don’t have an approved vaccine in widespread use yet, protective measures are still essential. When you shop in a retail store you can talk to a salesperson and touch or view a product, but when you shop online you're taking a leap of faith. The Internal Revenue Service said on Wednesday it currently holds $164.6 million in undelivered refund checks for 111,893 nationwide taxpayers. During the stress and upheaval of the pandemic, don’t forget to take care of your mental health and well-being. Consumer Reports' medical advisor Orly Avitzur, M.D., whose son attends Skidmore College, blogged on Wednesday about some conversations he had with Skidmore College students who have tried Four Loko. Consumer Reports magazine deemed 2007 the "Year of the Recall" because more than 44 million individual children's products were recalled that year. By Problem Solvers Kristin Samuelson and Jon Yates | There are few things in life simpler than a basic oil change. Comments (6), A customer looks to buy a flat-screen TV at a home electronics store. It’s easy to get tired of wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Up to 5 files will be accepted. Wetlands helped stop flooding from Sandy. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include, fever, dry cough and fatigue. "We really recommend that you test drive for at least 15-20 minutes, not just around the block," said Christie Hyde, a spokeswoman for AAA. Sneaky scam artists sometimes buy up Web addresses with common misspellings of popular companies, then create separate Web sites designed to fool consumers.“That's when they ask you for information you may well be sorry you gave out,” Levin said.Be stingy with your personal information. Some dealerships offer "certified" used cars, which essentially means they’ve checked out the vehicle and are willing to back it with a warranty. in Consumer news & tips, Scams, Web/Tech

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