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carcano bayonet markings

This model is contemporary to the 1887 Vetterli-Vitali rifle, which eliminated the lead guide that required the cut out lower muzzle ring. And an oval on the right side with The Thanks again. not set back like the third variant blade. bayonet lug. Thanks, All work copyright of the listed author. Statement of Purpose This set of WWW pages is dedicated to the Carcano, the main Italian military longarms system from its initial design in 1891 (the ministerial adoption followed in 1892) to the end of World War II and and even longer. BURY the front sight in the rear notch, with the point all the way down in there, and then line your target up between the top edges of the rear notch. Also any suggestions on where to sell the piece. At first I thought it was a M38 because of the ’round chamber’ which I read is an identifier of the later cavalry carbines. Can i send you pics of mine so i know if it’s 6.5 or 7.35 ??? It also has the trap door on the butt stock. The scabbard is of Italian manufacture, patterned on the U.S. M7 scabbard. Moschetto type carbines with triform folding blades affixed to the firearms. If i were to send you some photos could you help me with further ID ? I very much enjoy your show. I own one, Model 1891 Fucile Modello 91 with a date stamp. Found info on the one I have on “Japanese Type I Carcano Rifle – You Tube”. It has fat 42 with a crown, the numbers AA9191 on the reciever.also sat feat 68. It as fixed sights. I suspect they could all be the same especially if in 6.5 mm caliber like my 41. steel throatpiece. If you want your rifle to be capable of holding more than one round at a time, the stripper clip is essential. This rifle should be chambered for 6.5x52mm, although a rare few were converted in Austria to 6.5x54mm MS. Manufacturing stopped in 1918, however a few were made at Beretta between 1937-1940 before the creation of the Model 1941. Moschetto Modello 91 per Truppe Speciali- on one side of the it is marked 1898- wondering if this is the first year of manufacture for this model? Not sure what someone was thinking there. These were more likely new-made, using machinery left over from wartime M1891 scabbard production. I could send you a diagram with detailed measurements. The Carcano loads with an en-bloc clip, like the M-95 Steyr-Mannlicher and Gew 88 Commission rifle. Many 2nd variant M1891 TS Carbines were subsequently converted to use the conventional M1891 bayonet, making surviving examples uncommon today. I honestly don’t know. I plan on getting it into a gunsmith to have it looked over however I’d like to ID it. I recently acquired one as an impulse buy and I want to verify I didnt overspend on it. channel. "187" and small circle with raised "PB". M1891 Cavalry production was halted after WWI but resumed from 1932-1938. I meant the bolt hits the clip and will not close, I have a model 38 Calvary carbine with the only markings being the serial number TW400 in front of the rear sight as well as the stock, the caliber 6.5 stamped in front of the rear sight and the number 2 stamped on top of the receiver as well. Conventional M91 style frogstud with screw in scabbard face. NATO caliber BM59 selective-fire rifle and 5.56 mm. It sounds sporterized but if you pop us an email with photos we can make sure we are not imagining it wrong. Thanks in advance: https://www.flickr.com/gp/136367789@N02/6Z11cZ. 40″ long can only be the original 91 or 41 models to my knowledge. These bayonets had nearly a 50 year service life. To the side/above of Terni it has 1893. The clip holds 6 cartridges after when pushing the clip down to connect to the clip latch it connects but I cannot close the bolt bites the what might be wrong. I have a Carcano with the following marks and stamps: Receiver: R. E. TERNI 1941 XIX RU353 Sight: Cal 6.5 Also, the rifle measures 40″ long from end of stock to end of barrel. John Kaszowski of Courtesy John Kaszowski of Looking for as much information as I can get can anyone help. Keep up the good work! barrel has 42-xx fna brescia Ra07269 with re under it. However, this variation is now known to be the M1870/87 Tipo Regolamentare (Regulation Type). My email is gendoolittle@yahoo.com Just email me and I’ll send you my cell number so we can talk! Moschetto Modello 91 per Truppe Speciali, 38 Cavalry Moschetto Modello 91/38 Cavalleria, 38 T.S. Gain twist rifling was used to extend the barrel life of this and all subsequent Carcano rifles until the Model 1938. Model 1938 Cavalry carbines mirrored original M91 cavalry carbines but featured fixed sights. One is an oval with PG in it. The third variant is the one most books have overlooked. The M1941 was slightly shorter and used the carbine-style adjustable rear sight. Was this a common oversight when the 91/38 were converted to the smaller caliber? M1891 Carcano bayonet scabbard. I bought this Carcano Rifle in Nova Scotia Canada I am trying to find where it came from it has all there`s markings but I cant find anything about them. James. The grip scales are the brown plastic type most common on Italian M4 bayonets. I’m seeing I might have missed including a specific variant that I swore I wrote down. I can provide more details about all the markings and such once i get home from work. http://personal.stevens.edu/~gliberat/carcano/models.html. Finally identified the Carcano I have. The year made is atop the receiver behind the rear sight, Hello, I have a carnico carbine but I cant identify what type and while I think its chambered in 6.5 I dont know for sure, could i send you pictures and you help? purpose built with folding blades and 2 other variants exist with fixed blades. Any information would be helpful. sequential. Grove for cleaning rod on underside of stock These will be marked on the rear sight and the stock. I am in Canada. Many rifles were sold to Finland and will feature an SA mark on the barrel. "unknown" variant. That would tell you the year of the empire that the rifle was made, and hence, the year. This is simply a new production model 91/24, although some original M91 T.S. I just acquire a Cavalry Carbine, a Model 91/38, and there’s about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch play vertically and horizontally in the spike bayonet.

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