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black cube of saturn pdf

It can be found in many Freemason symbols and monuments. I am concentrating on how to DEFEAT the evil so it doesn't win in my personal life. The Yahweh Matrix is system is connected into a Black Cube Matrix held through Saturn, that is siphoning life force from our Universal Time Matrix and routing it back into their black hole system. The following entry serves as a comprehensive listing of articles and information pertaining to eschatological discourse. Numerous images were also resized in an effort to facilitate a greater degree of clarity to prospective viewing audiences, 4.4.2015 | FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Content was added referencing the construction of dome-reinforced buildings, patented as wind resistant educational facilities in both tropically active, and tornado prone, regions of the continental United States, the manufacture and distribution of these structures is a collaborative venture between the Federal Government and the Monolithic Dome Institute that receives an estimated 75% of its funding from FEMA. The concept of technological agalmatophilia - characterized as an unnatural physical attraction to inanimate objects possessing human anatomical proportion and countenance - is discussed in detail. XBOX ONE with Kinect or X(CUBE) One Hive Mind to CONNECT, Guidestone Cube Found and Destroyed on Purpose, Exploring the Soul Notice the Cube at Bottom, Selena Gomez Performs MTV Movie Awards 2013 on Black Cubes. The Black Cube of Saturn is a very esoteric subject, and because of the nature of such things it can be somewhat complicated to dissect, so I’ll give a solid overview. Rightly dividing without any private interpretation entering ones mind so it takes research and study. We have the authority, the heavenly citizenship and the rights as a son of God, to DESTROY the adversary's works. Number 2 represents balance and harmony, duality, faith, devotion, insight, co-operation, adaptability and diplomacy. I don't know how you can say god bless after reading an article that pretty much excludes any room for a god. Throughout Human history, Saturn has been a representation of evil deities and spirits: The Egyptian Set or Seth, the Muslim Shaitan, and even Satan. The machinations of George Soros, 84 - an international business magnate and multibillionaire financial investor born in Budapest, Hungary, demanding that the EU (European Union) acquiesce to the desires of foreign nationals claiming ‘refugee’ status - were also detailed, 11.10.2015 | War | Article and Information Repository - The ‘Cyber-Warfare’ subsection was added, with several articles of reference detailing the emerging threat of technologically-inspired acts of aggression, 11.5.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - The documentation of additional instances of sexual misconduct involving school faculty and students in the United States as well as an elaborative foray into the bizarre world of fetal corpse trafficking - believed to be an occult practice whose roots can be traced back to the ancient Buddhist practice of Kuman Thong, where the bodies of deceased infants are revered as objects of worship and recognized as talismans of good fortune in various circles devoted to black magic ritual and spiritual invocation, 11.4.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - Examples of the liberal establishment’s war on language in the United States are detailed extensively in the ‘Indoctrination’ and ‘Political Correctness’ sub sections, with emphasis being placed on the premise surrounding the concept of racially-motivated microaggression with the most telling aspects of society’s cultural reengineering occurring at the collegiate level, 10.26.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Further documentation affirming America’s descent into depravity, the most notable reference recognized as a legislative proposal by Richard Posner - an acting Federal Judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States - that would effectively redefine the prosecutorial tenets of certain elements of the criminal justice system with the justice envisioning the institution of ‘rape licenses’ for the ‘right to rape’ as a means of pacifying sexual sadists whose ’right to commit acts of violence against women supersedes the emotional and physical trauma of their intended victims’, 10.23.2015 | Corruption | Article and Information Repository - Articles of reference detailing the tendencies of individuals within the Obama Administration to blatantly disregard their obligations as elected officials to uphold the law, with the incidence of scandals in the highest levels of government being elaborated on in detail, 10.21.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - The impetus toward UN (United Nations) monopolized and controlled internet-based lines of communication is detailed with a high ranking government official in the People’s Republic of China emphasizing the necessity of an international code of conduct - The concept of institutional indoctrination in the arena of higher education and advanced curricula in the United States is also examined, the most notable example of which being inclusive of a compulsory set of guidelines implemented by the University of Tennessee as a means of eliminating gender-based discrimination. Hi Nicholson, The bizarre psychological infirmity, ‘BIID, or body integrity identity disorder,’ is highlighted in two separate articles, including the disturbing plight of a woman from the state of North Carolina who fulfilled her life’s dream of acquiring blindness through the application of drain cleaner in her eyes, 11.17.2015 | Conspiracy | Article and Information Repository - A new subsection entitled, “European Migrant Crisis,’ was added, with references pertaining to the engineered dissolution of European sovereignty through the actualization of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (A globalist-inspired directive emphasizing the denigration of influence of individuals possessing Anglo-Saxon ancestral lineage). The disturbing saga of teacher-student relationships throughout the continental United States was also examined, with two educators names and faces having been added to the sordid tapestry of amorality that has since become endemic to educational institutions across America, 6.30.2015 | JADE HELM 15 (JH 15 | Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution and Holding ELeMent 2015) | Theory and Speculation Regarding the Role of the Federal Government in the Implementation of Military Field Operations and Directives - Documentation referencing the identification of potential sponsors of domestic terrorist networks in the United States, specifically written content included in both the AFSS 0910 (Air Force Security Services 0910) | Equal Opportunity and Treatment Incidents (EOTI) Lesson Plan, as well as the MIAC (Missouri Information Analysis Center) Strategic Report of 02/20/09 | The Modern Militia Movement, was added, 6.14.2015 | JADE HELM 15 (JH 15 | Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution and Holding ELeMent 2015) | Theory and Speculation Regarding the Role of the Federal Government in the Implementation of Military Field Operations and Directives - Information pertaining to the significance of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) and the development of Human Domain Analytical (HDA) Assessment Models by the intelligence community (IC) as a means of data aggregation was added. Number 4 resonates with diligence and determination to achieve goals, practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty, integrity and inner-wisdom. All Rights Reserved By Nicholson1968 and DoUseeWhateyec LLC. Yes, the 3rd dimensional cube or 2nd dimensional hexagonal star often referred to as the “Star of David” is never actually referred to by the Bible or even the Talmud as ever being related to David. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is where you will find your answers. Have a look at the D-Wave II quantum computer. What does this have to do with all of Nichs great vids is this. Political Debate Regarding the Destiny of “DREAMers” (DREAM Acknowledged as an Acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Overshadowed by Sheer Magnitude of Estimated 3.6 Million Youth Admitted Into the United States by Way of the Obama Administration’s Taxpayer Funded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Initiative, Illegal Immigrant From Mexico ‘Repeatedly Raped a Seven-Year-Old Girl and Gave Her Genital Herpes’, Pope Francis Urges Countries to Greatly Improve Their Attitude Toward the Welcoming of Migrant Families and Formally Abstain From the Practice of Government-Sanctioned Collective Expulsions, Leaked Documents From German National Security Organizations Indicate a Desire by an Estimated 5.95 Million Migrants in Various Countries Surrounding the Mediterranean to Gain Entry Into the European Continent as Asylum Seekers With 2.93 Million of That Number Believed to Be Emigrating From Turkey Alone, Angela Merkel, the Beleaguered Chancellor of Germany, Insists That the European Union (EU) Must Continue to Admit Additional Migrants Into Its Geographical Periphery, Publicly Condemns the Notion That Terrorist Activity is Associated With the Proliferation of Islamic Orthodoxy, Foreign Nationals in Germany Being Taught How to Elicit Favorable Responses From Women and Achieve Orgasm by a Relationship Expert, UK Housing Crisis: Half of All New Homes Will Go to Migrant Populations, Süleyman Soylu, a Deputy Chairman of Turkey's Justice and Development Party and the Acting Minister of the Interior, Threatening to Send Europe 15,000 Refugees Per Month, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, During the Course of Several Scheduled Public Speaking Engagements Across the European Continent Made in Advance of a Constitutional Referendum in Turkey, Warned Political Representatives of Impending 'Holy Wars' in the Region, Immigrant Populations in the United States Surge to a Record 60 Million: Recently Published Findings by the Center for Immigration Studies Indicate That Immigrants and Their Extended Families Now Account for One in Every Five People in America, Recent Documents Published by the U.S. Census Bureau Indicate a Marked Degree of Linguistic Disparity in Relation to English as a Primary Spoken Language in a Host of States Throughout the Nation, Burgeoning Influx of Illegal Immigrants Entering the Continental United States Costing American Taxpayers Almost $135 Billion Annually, an Average of $8,075 Per Person, With the State of New York Allocating $25,000 for Each Individual Alone, California ‘Sanctuary State’ Measure Likely to Become Law, Undercover Video Footage Obtained From Laura Loomer, a Political Activist for Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), During the Course of an Independent Investigation at a U.S. And of course you know where this is going next, the chosen people! WRITTEN ADDENDUM: A veritable montage of cube themed/ aesthetically inspired constructs decorate various aspects of the societal landscape, most notably in the Entertainment Industry, with the inclusion of a device known as a Lemarchand’s Box (An interdimensional conduit that serves as a portal of entry to an alternate realm of existence) - a prominent fixture in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser movie series. Other topics of note include the incidence of war crimes and acts of atrocity committed by foreign nationals - acting with the unspoken endorsement of the affected nation’s dignitaries - swearing an oath of allegiance to religious sects devoted to the doctrine of Islamic Fundamentalism as a means of engineering a clash of civilizations, 1.15.2016 | Prominent West Coast Sales and Accounting Executive for the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Freely Admits That the Institution of Common Core Educational Standards is Part of a Broader Scheme by the Federal Government, Along With Textbook Manufacturers and Distributors, to Generate Revenue at the Expense of the American Taxpayer - A second video installment that has since been released by Project Veritas - a panel of investigative journalists that actively expose government corruption on many levels - was included, having been made available to the general public, 1.7.2016 | The Project for the New American Century - Several documents that were eventually leaked to the civilian population were included.

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